Extreme wisdom Cup finals the highest specifications of the League of colleges and universities landed in Beijing November 6th 13:00 stadium will be staged in Beijing, China Agricultural University, the pinnacle of the decisive battle! From the hundreds of teams in the finals of the talent shows itself in Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing Forestry University, Peking University, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications will usher in the final test at the end of the week, the highest honor for the capital and 50000 yuan prize! Against the North YQYH VS information BJFU MK North VS Beiyou Beilin team RUA team Olympic venues for more formal college eSports gymnasium of China Agricultural University had the 2008 Beijing Olympics wrestling competition, and now will be performed the highest standard of University Games — Chi cup finals!   professional level configuration stage of the highly intelligent Cup finals match stage independent battle room, allowing players to avoid the influence of the scene stage gorgeous lighting. Internal communication systems and sound insulation headphones, allowing players to avoid interference from external communication, professional 144Hz display, allowing players to seize every millisecond in a rapidly changing battlefield. The professional broadcast team, let the audience get the best scene viewing experience. Fire cats, pandas and other platforms will be broadcast live. Love his students can brush barrage in front of the computer, pointing Jiangshan six star commentary back three Beijing University to join the commentary wisdom Cup final commentary team is very strong, many of them more than that over TI, Major League and other international sports star commentary occupation! You will hear in the field, DC, FreeAgain, bike 78, AMS, NeverNight, and 44 poems of ice cream, three university guide for everybody together dismantling the situation, let the audience to watch the game more most incisive! The scene to do the game DOTA2 official non-stop you want to love FreeAgain, AMS affectionate confession? Do you want to do sports with your bike and DC? Want to see who mouth and 78 more in 6? To prove his poetry and poems really heart? To participate in the interactive interpretation of the opportunity to have more opportunities to get ready to host the official DOTA2. To the wisdom of the cup finals scene, so you can play! Watching the scene guide very wise Cup finals will be held November 6th 13:00 at the China Agricultural University stadium officially started! To let more students feel love gaming professional gaming arena atmosphere, the final scene is open to the public free of charge. Take the ticket into the hall of the scene in the form, you can register for the responsible person in the division. In addition, there are a small number of votes in the final scene, a limited number of first come first served. November 6th China Agricultural University gymnasium, extremely intelligent cup Beijing University Electronic Sports League finals. Invite you to witness the celebration of DOTA’s top universities! More exciting content, please pay attention to the official WeChat love without hiding, youth is about to bloom! A very wise cup in Beijing gaming League, you bloom of youth stage. Thanks to MAX+ for the game data, thanks to broadcast partners, panda fire cat TV TV, a strategic partner of 766 star, Sina competitive gaming, and other support, Rui di partners. Beijing cup finals.相关的主题文章: