Fall to   Qiao   PeroxideValue nuts; not to exceed the standard – Food Channel — people.com.cn original title: Autumn nuts Qiao PeroxideValue cannot exceed the standard to note the day before, the sampling results released the State Food and Drug Administration of roasted seeds and nuts, nuts, wine, food and beverage products, 5 categories of food in peroxidation by Nanchang AI Jinglong Food Development Co. Ltd production of roasted sunflower seed value test results for 2.77 grams of 100 grams, 100 grams of not more than 0.80 grams of peroxide value of cooked sunflower seeds and specified in the national standard, the detection result is about 3.5 times the standard value. So what is the peroxide value? What are the effects of excessive peroxide value on health? How to avoid excessive consumption of peroxide value of food? Please pay attention to the current interpretation. The peroxide value is an indicator of the degree of oxidation of fats and oils, which is used to indicate whether the food has been modified by oxidation. The quality and the degree of deterioration of the food produced by fat and fat were detected. Nut foods are rich in nutrition and popular. However, because of the high content of oil in the nut foods, it is easy to be affected by the external conditions. So, what conditions will lead to excessive peroxide value of nuts? Unsaturated fatty acids are easily oxidized nut foods with high nutritional value, which is inseparable from the content of unsaturated fatty acids. The unsaturated fatty acids are more easily oxidized than the common fatty acids. The following 3 conditions most likely caused by nuts increase of peroxide value: (1) the high temperature in high temperature environment, oil oxidation speed is the oxidation rate under normal temperature conditions several times. Therefore, nuts foods usually need to be kept in cool conditions. (2) under the condition of direct sunlight, the oil in the nut is prone to photochemical reaction, and the oxidation rate of oil is accelerated. (3) direct contact with air oxygen is a strong oxidant, in the long term contact with the nut food conditions, will play a role in the oxidation of oil, so that the peroxide value increased. The peroxide value of edible food should not exceed the standard when the peroxide value exceed the standard nuts, there will be sour, pungent odor, which not only affects the nuts of the taste of food, and the nutritional value greatly reduced. Our type of nuts peroxide value has a strict control, "national food safety standard nuts and seeds food" (GB 19300-2014) stipulates that peroxide value of nuts should be less than 0.80 grams 100 grams. So, excessive consumption of peroxide value of nuts, will cause any impact on the human body? In fact, the peroxide value of the food is harmful to health, depending on the extent of peroxide value exceeded. If the peroxide value is very high, it will cause the body too much peroxide and damage normal cells, but usually this is the case, food (rancidity) rancid flavor will be very strong, people generally do not eat. Therefore, the peroxide value exceeded, mainly reflecting the food is not fresh, has deteriorated, suggesting that such food should not be sold and eaten. Clever choose to avoid excessive peroxide value相关的主题文章: