Federal Reserve George: support to accelerate the tightening policy in March or take action Huitong network February 24th hearing – Kansas Fed chairman George on Tuesday (February 23rd) said that the U.S. dollar is a negative factor for the manufacturing industry, support to gradually accelerate the pace of tightening monetary policy. If the Fed had raised interest rates earlier than last December, it would be better than now. At the FOMC meeting in March, the Fed could take action. Federal Reserve George George also said that inflation expectations remained stable, and therefore did not consider the implementation of negative interest rates in the United States; at the same time, do not think that negative interest rates for the United States will be a problem. George said that since December last year, the data show that the outlook for inflation has not changed, it is too early to judge whether the market volatility will change the economic and inflation prospects. George expects the U.S. GDP growth to be around 2% in 2016. Since the inflation outlook has not changed and the economic growth is moderate, we should discuss the interest rate increase at the FOMC meeting in March. George is not worried that the U.S. will fall into deflation, while the Fed must take into account medium-term inflation prospects in decision-making. George, a prominent hawkish member of the Fed, has the right to vote at the FOMC meeting in 2016. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

美联储乔治:支持加快收紧政策 3月或采取行动   汇通网2月24日讯——堪萨斯联储主席乔治周二(2月23日)表示,美元走强对制造业来说是负面因素,支持逐步加快收紧货币政策的步伐。如果美联储(较去年12月份)更早加息,情况会比现在更好。而3月份FOMC会议上美联储有可能采取行动。 美联储乔治   乔治还表示,通胀预期仍然较为稳定,因此并未考虑在美国实施负利率;同时,不认为负利率对美国来说会是一个问题。   乔治称,自去年12月以来的数据表明通胀前景并未发生变化,现在判断市场波动是否会改变经济及通胀前景为时尚早。   乔治预计,2016年美国GDP增速为2%左右。由于通胀前景未变,经济增速适度,因此应该在3月份的FOMC会以上讨论加息一事。   乔治并不担忧美国将陷入通缩;而美联储在决策时须考虑中期通胀前景。   乔治为美联储内部著名鹰派成员,在2016年FOMC会议上具有投票权。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: