Female white-collar Kuangqiang double eleven hours the tired out of the cervical spondylosis of "double eleven" online shopping is good fun, but the accumulation of cervical vertebra, 31 year old white-collar Wang Min (a pseudonym) appear neck soreness, numbness symptoms, after examination was acute onset of cervical spondylosis. 31 year old white-collar Wang Min from the "double eleven" before the start stop in the online Amoy cheap goods, boil a few overnight, in the shopping cart store a pile of goods. From the beginning of November 11th zero, she for the first time to grab your favorite items, not stop payment, a few hours later, she was nervous panic buying after relax, felt his neck soreness numbness. Sleep together, she is still not significantly improved, not only more and more pain in neck, hands and feet began to numb, it quickly came to the Department of orthopedics of Wuhan No.1 Hospital hospital. Medical examination found that it is due to cervical disc herniation oppression of the nerve, triggering an acute attack of cervical spondylosis. By the application of heat treatment, such as traction, Wang Min gradually ease the condition, pain and numbness symptoms disappear. Wuhan No.1 Hospital Department of orthopedics physician Feng Jing introduction, double eleven, many people due to panic buying caused by cervical spondylosis acute attack to the hospital, and most of the patients are young people. He said in the past, cervical vertebra disease is a degenerative disease, the prevalence of the mostly elderly, but modern life style makes the young people have caught. Dr. Feng Jing reminded, long desk, electronic products are more easy to maintain cervical lack of activity in a position above, accelerate the degeneration of cervical vertebra. He reminded, such as the public dizziness, neck swelling discomfort, numbness and other symptoms, should be timely to the hospital for medical treatment, regular treatment. Weekdays, office workers do not sedentary, every half an hour to an hour, should get up and move the neck and waist, relax the muscles. At the same time, the weather becomes cold easily lead to poor blood circulation, the public should also pay attention to local warmth, wear a scarf to protect the neck, so as not to cause an acute attack of cervical spondylosis. (reporter Zheng Jingjing correspondent Yang Jingci) workers must see, let you away from several type of cervical spondylosis!相关的主题文章: