Mexico remains one of the world’s favourite holiday destinations for business directors, their associates and their families. However great care should be demonstrated to minimise your security risk. Any professional security executive will advise you that investing in a Mexico Safety threat assessment, to incorporate foreign travel advice & travel tips from a close protection security specialist can be a wise investment. Despite the global recession, tourism is booming in Mexico. Angel Aguirre, the governor of Guerrero said that this holiday season has been very good for the state, since the three major tourist destinations had higher levels of hotel occupancy. This is clearly great news for the Mexican tourist board, but don’t be blinded by propaganda. A little research by any security executive will outline incidents of grave violence occurring on a daily basis. Only after being made aware of actual security problems can business directors act on the foreign travel advice & travel tips provided by your security executive. Although most of the incidents of violence are related to the war against Drug Cartel personnel it often spills over creating the deaths of many innocent bystanders. Female business directors should take particular notice of the following security related information. MEXICALI, BAJA CALIFORNIA Statistics show since 2007 to date, the percentage of murders of women in Mexico has increased, going from 1.8 to 10.11 per 100 thousand women. Some newspaper reporters warn that every day more cruel and degrading killings are .mitted against women The security executive states the following crime related incidents were reported during one week in April 2011 in various Mexican states. Mexico Safety – Foreign Travel Advice – Criminal Incident # 1 ACAPULCO: Five Acapulco Women Decapitated; Federal Police Ambushed, Other Officers Slain Five females found with throats slashed in Acapulco. Mexico Safety – Foreign Travel Advice – Criminal Incident # 2 GÓMEZ PALACIO, DURANGO: Four municipal police officers tortured, assassinated and bodies dumped outside of town. Mexico Safety – Foreign Travel Advice – Criminal Incident # 3 MICHOACAN, MEXICO: Federal Police ambushed Sunday afternoon on highway between Guadalajara and Morelia. Five agents wounded and flown out by chopper. Gunmen used heavy assault weapons. Mexico Safety – Foreign Travel Advice – Criminal Incident # 4 DURANGO, MEXICO: More bodies found in graves. Count now up to 41 total.-El Universal Mexico Safety – Foreign Travel Advice – Criminal Incident # 5 NOGALES, MEXICO: Two bodies found in pit near Nogales. Been there about 2 months.-El Universal Another 5 bodies were found a few days ago. Mexico Safety – Foreign Travel Advice – Criminal Incident # 6 MIGUEL ALEMAN, TAMAULIPAS: Update: Initial clash was between the Zetas and the Gulf cartel. One gunman, and one soldier were killed, with ten arrested. Seized were 20 rifles, 2 handguns, 4 fragmentation grenades, four 40 mm grenades, 307 magazines, more than seven thousand rounds of ammunition, radio equipment, cell phones, tactical equipment and 4 vehicles. Mexico Safety – Foreign Travel Advice – Criminal Incident # 7 MONTERREY, GUADALUPE AND CADEREYTA; Armed cartel gunmen continued attacks in these three locales. Vehicles in a car lot were burned, businesses attacked. A father waiting for his daughter working at Church’s Chicken was shot and killed in his vehicle. Grenades were thrown at and damaged a Ford and Jaguar dealerships and a store. Municipal police managed to stop a van, rescue a kidnapped person, and arrest several perpetrators. Police seized an Uzi submachine gun, a .9 mm HK rifle, a .308 rifle, one AK-47 rifle, four bulletproof vests, radio equipment, cell phones, cash, and a machine to count bills. Mexico Safety – Foreign Travel Advice – Criminal Incident # 8 GUASAVE, SINALOA: Army captures 5 gunmen implicated in slaughter of 7 state police officers. One of those arrested is a former municipal police supervisor. Seized AR-15 rifle, four AK-47 rifles, a .45 pistol, a hand grenade, 35 magazines, 899 cartridges, five kilograms of narcotics, a Mazda vehicle, among other things. Mexico Safety – Foreign Travel Advice – Criminal Incident # 9 CADEREYTA JIMENEZ, NUEVO LEON: Three bodies found in narco grave. Also found stolen truck at same location. Searching continues, as arrested suspects indicate there are more graves. Mexico Safety – Foreign Travel Advice – Criminal Incident # 10 GUERRERO: Bodies of eight men found on a rural cattle ranch. In another small rural town, three more executed men were found. Mexico Safety – Foreign Travel Advice – Criminal Incident # 11 CIUDAD JUAREZ, CHIHUAHUA: Narco pintas (graffiti messages on walls) left threatening guards at the prison. (Just this past week, a prison van was attacked, killing the driver, and freeing the inmates.) Mexico Safety – Foreign Travel Advice – Criminal Incident # 12 CHIHUAHUA, CHIHUAHUA: Five men sitting together outside their home executed. Two were brothers, and 3 of their friends. Mexico Safety – Foreign Travel Advice – Criminal Incident # 13 TAMAULIPAS: State Attorney General confirms attacks Saturday on .mercial buses, with 3 injured, one still in ICU. All three buses showed bullet holes. Mexico Safety – Foreign Travel Advice – Criminal Incident # 14 TIJUANA, MEXICO: Municipal police arrested three for possession of crystal meth.On questioning, they confessed to involvement of the killing of 6 persons in Colonia Niño Artillero – Frontera The security executive regularly updates his foreign travel advice and travel tips particularly in relation to mexico safety intelligence. He advises all business travellers considering business or tourist travel into Mexico to be extra vigilant. (Special thanks to the National Association Of Former Border Patrol Officers for Intelligence information.) Travel Tips #1 Don’t Be In The Wrong Place Avoid visiting areas housing police stations or military bases. Avoid rural areas. Travel Tips #2 Trust No-One Never accept an invitation to a party from people you don’t know really well. Travel Tips # 3 Trust Your Gut Reaction There is no such concept as 100% security. If something doesn’t quite feel right then trust your gut reaction. Travel Tips # 4 Hard Currency Always discreetly carry some hard currency cash notes. US Dollars are best. Corruption is rife and hard currency can often get you out of minor security problems. Travel Tips # 5 Kidnap for Ransom Ensure you have kidnap for ransom insurance. Many brokers offer this and its usually underwritten by Lloyds of London. 相关的主题文章: