"Forensic Qin Ming" playback volume exceeded two hundred million money the first shock wave network drama actor – Sohu entertainment money money wave wave Sohu stills entertainment news adapted from Qin Ming works "Eleventh fingers", directed by Xu Ang, Zhang Ruoyun, Jiao Junyan, Qian Bo, Cheng Haofeng, Li now starring suspension network drama "forensic Qin suspected of criminal investigation Ming" is currently the Sohu video every Thursday night fire hit out in the play by the bizarre case together in series. Qian Bo in the role of the Public Security Bureau Tan Yongming, with his own ideas led Zhang Ruoyun’s rigorous forensic Qin Ming and other members of repeatedly breaking mystery. This is also the strength of the first cast actor Qian Bo starred in the network drama. As much fans look forward to the super IP and the first forensic theme of the network drama, forensic Qin ming to restore the original documentary and professional. The usual domestic criminal drama procrastination style, the plot is compact, the average of each set half cracked a case. At the same time, the use of a large number of corpses, bones, skin and a variety of hardcore scenes, trying to restore a true forensic autopsy. Since the play on the line since October 13th, a huge response, the volume has exceeded two hundred million. Qian Bo in the role of the Public Security Bureau Tan Yongming although in the lazy when under severe scold, but its meticulous, clear logic, can lead us to find new clues in the case of deadlock, an important role in the detection of play. A good work can be integrated into the minds of the audience, penetrate into the consciousness of the people, should not rigidly adhere to the broadcast platform and form. From TV to movies to the participating web series, money wave has been considered highly malleable cast. In this regard, Qian Bo joked that "actors are not thousands of people, but not all, to dig, give full play to their reach, you can create a" one "characters." It is reported that "forensic Qin Ming" is currently the Sohu video every Thursday night in the eight point two episode aired, we have a lot of attention!相关的主题文章: