Home-and-Family Besides your actual wedding day, going to the store and creating your wedding registry is the most exciting part about getting married. Everyone loves to hold that registry gun and just go nuts with it. However, one needs to retain self-control and only register for items that are needed, plus a few extras like an ice cream maker. (No one really needs one, but it’s still fun to have!) There are certain items that should be on every bride’s list. Formal dinnerware is easily the number one most common item on a registry, and for good reason! Every couple wants to be able to entertain and not be forced to use the casual dishes. However, no one looks forward to the hefty price tag of formal dinnerware. This makes it the perfect wedding gift. Your dream of owning Lenox or Royal Doulton can now be possible. If you’re unsure that you’ll really make use of it, just remember that you and your husband won’t enjoy paying hundreds of dollars later on for ten place settings. Your registry is also a good time to add sterling flatware to go along with your new formal dinnerware. Continuing on the kitchen theme, cutlery is another must-have item. Regardless of your cooking expertise, durable knives are essential to cooking and they can last you a lifetime. If you already own a good set, add specialty knives to your registry instead. A new glassware set will also be needed -either casual or formal. A beautiful set of crystal glassware will go perfectly with the formal dinnerware you registered for. Cookware and bakeware will help you complete all your kitchen necessities. Not sure which material is best for your pots and pans? Actually all of them are good for different foods so it’s best to mix and match pans and pots than to get one cookware set. After your wedding, most couples will go on their honeymoon and you’ll need luggage. Most people don’t want to splurge on good quality luggage so add it to the list. If the luggage you want is expensive, register for individual pieces so no one feels burdened by purchasing the entire set. Bedding and towels are other essentials. It’s time to throw away the shoddy set from your college days and invest in nice linens. Place at least two sets of linens on the list. Moving into a new place and haven’t painted yet? Pick neutral colors for the bath towels that can go with a variety of different options. Table linens are something not everyone immediately thinks of but are always great to have. You’ll want to place that nice Lenox dinnerware and new flatware on placemats and adorn with cloth napkins. Paper napkins with good china just doesn’t look right. Lastly, you should add something that you would never ever buy for yourself. It is your special day after all! With these items on your registry, you and your husband will be set to start your new life together. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: