The opening of the fourth Wuzhen Drama Festival Millennium town continues to stage drama feast Wuzhen street full of drama elements. Shen Zhicheng photographed in the name of the drama, the soul of art, the convergence of the global cultural charm of the theater in Wuzhen. October 13th, the fourth Wuzhen Drama Festival opened a carnival for a period of 10 days. At night, Pushkin brought the Moscow Theatre pantomime "mother’s poem", Chen Minghao’s drama "chicken" and Wang Chong’s "ghosts" as the 2 multimedia drama staged a grand opening ceremony at the same time. These 3 works reflect the diversity, innovation and integration of drama from different angles. "Based on the classic, overlooking the future" as the theme of the fourth Wuzhen Drama Festival, will be presented from 13 countries and regions, 22 units repertoire, nearly 80 performances. At the same time, most of the characteristics of the Wuzhen Drama Festival, youth competition play unit will have 18 youth drama team from the country to compete for a number of awards. This year’s "new" youth contest "Audience Choice Award", every audience will have the opportunity to cast their favorite works of appreciation of the vote; "town Carnival" performing team from around the world, they will shuttle in the alleys waterfront, performing nearly 2000 times; 6, 5 drama dialogue town the workshop, the 3 and 5 field drama drama theme exhibition summit, jointly outline Wuzhen Drama Festival colorful drama style, the construction of Wuzhen ecological drama. This is the British playwright Shakespeare died 400 years planning by Wuzhen Muxin Gallery "Shakespeare drama recital" will be invited to Pu Cunxin, Song Chunli, Xiaoyi Chen, Hu Jun, Xu Tao to join, to pay tribute to Shakespeare. New content – masters of the Wuzhen Drama Festival invited multiple works by contemporary new classical repertoire "series," Savon Memorial "series," space and body "series and" discovery "series of four sections, and invited to open China experimental drama new era of the famous director Lin Zhaohua as the new honorary president. Lin Zhaohua’s new "doctor Godot or six people for eighteenth camels" will premiere during the Wuzhen Drama Festival; European contemporary drama master Frank · Schiff kasiduo will bring Dostoevsky adapted from Toy Jef J Ki’s novel of the same name "the gambler" appeared; from the Danish "Hamlet", Romania’s "the Tempest" and Dou Hui’s "King Lear" with the spirit of innovation, the re interpretation of Savon classics; Lithuania drama "Caligula" Chen Minghao, director of the "chicken" (adapted from "the emperor") called Rome double king; Spanish black mime "Quixote" let the audience think about life; artistic director of the Wuzhen Theatre Festival director Meng Jinghui brought new year "he has two revolver and black and white eyes", on behalf of the permanent president of director Lai Shengchuan for "water "The book is the annual drama Drama Festival Closing ceremony. In 10 days, as well as Japan, France, Chile, Australia, Holland, Switzerland, a group’s debut. New vision, new bright points followed the traditional 4 years of accumulation, the Wuzhen Drama Festival has become a world-renowned Theatre Arts Festival, to become the new name card Chinese culture in the international field of drama eye-catching. Since the founding of the Wuzhen Drama Festival, through the "small town dialogue" drama.相关的主题文章: