Foxconn’s acquisition of SHARP two months later, Terry Gou said: a bit late investment in September 2007, Alibaba, the second electricity supplier conference, Terry Gou was invited to participate in, at that time, Alibaba has just started. In the dialogue process, Ma said to Terry Gou, Foxconn is an elephant manufacturing industry, and I want to use a lot of ants move you. At that time, Ma said it will inevitably be somewhat arrogant, Terry Gou recalls: "nine years ago, I think it is a Alibaba but let us choose the products through e-commerce shopping platform on the desktop, move to Foxconn, I think it is impossible." However, after a lapse of nine years, when Terry Gou stood on the stage of the cloud on behalf of the general assembly of the cloud on the stage, but he quipped, Foxconn is now about to be represented by the small and medium enterprises to overthrow the elephant on behalf of. "Ma has millions or even tens of millions of ants, they act together, have enough to carry an elephant." Thanks to the rapid development of the Alibaba conforms to the trend of the development of the Internet, the face of the Internet brings opportunities, Terry Gou and his Foxconn nature has also actively try content with staying where one is, transformation and breakthrough. Why choose SHARP? For Terry Gou, OEM emperor this label is not what he wants. How will the resources from the "to B" to "to C" movement, Terry Gou became the most often think about, and this may be the reason to Foxconn and SHARP this "marriage". In August this year, Foxconn announced the formal completion of the acquisition of SHARP, according to the agreement, Foxconn invested 388 billion 800 million yen ($3 billion 800 million) to obtain 66% stake in SHARP, Hon Hai Group Vice President Dai Zhengwu as Xia Puxin CEO. Why would choose to buy SHARP, Terry Gou in the interview, including Phoenix technology, including media interviews, for the first time to explain the idea of the outside world. "A bit of my investment in SHARP is very important it is the value of the more than 20 thousand designers, engineers have artisan spirit." Terry Gou said, after the acquisition of SHARP, for its traditional artisan spirit, Foxconn not only to continue, but also to carry forward." The artisan spirit here refers to SHARP’s pursuit of product quality and product technology. The industry has been analyzed, a large part of the reason for the decline of SHARP is only clinging to technology, and market demand caused by the disconnection of its strategy mistakes. But Foxconn is extremely sensitive to the market, always able to timely transition, and catch up with every wave of technology. Now, to complete the acquisition of SHARP, Foxconn not only won the coveted panel display technology and the number of the world’s leading patented technology, but also owns the SHARP brand, the Foxconn for example, is a great complement to the short board. After all, SHARP in the field of electronic technology is also called the generation of dignity, there are statistics, in the early 80s, SHARP products covering the world’s 25 most important countries and regions, and in the liquid crystal display, solar cell, radio, television and other fields full flowering, 80% products are the world’s first. Among them, the LCD TV production technology is leading the industry. However, this transaction is not plain sailing, the period is more twists and turns. With summer)相关的主题文章: