Arts-and-Entertainment Mini-skirt was established British designer Mary Quant in the mid-1960s. For the first time appeared in the mini shop ?Bazaar? in London. French designer Andre Courage led to a mini high-fashion runways. Now mini-skirts are firmly rooted in the wardrobe of any young girl, mini go out of fashion for several seasons and are especially important in summer. The most effective way to lose weight for a month at home without straining! Julia Roberts – is not something that we see in the movies! PHOTO Scientists just are not mad when they found a piece of hail IT! However, cheap wedding dresses all the impression of a beautiful skirts and slender legs can spoil incorrectly matched shoes. So what’s with wearing mini-skirts? One of the easiest options for denim mini or mini cotton – flip-flops . True, it is rather a beach option than the city. If flip flops are decorated with sequins, beads or large crystals, the colors of the material or leather and have a festive and glamorous look, it is possible to walk in the city center. This shoe combines both youth skirts from jeans and skirts with short bushy, topshop frilled and ruffles. K mini in casual style is perfect and ballet flats . For an informal mini-skirts youth are ideal shoes will add to your look urban tone. perfect combination of mini and boots on the wedges . It is better to choose an open sandals or shoes with toe cut out with or without heels, open the front or rear shoes with straps. This season, the most fashionable combination of mini-skirts with leather sandals gladiatorial . This year, designers are offering us the classics of the genre – brown leather sandals with straps, Greek sandals in white, gold and silver sandals of Roman legionnaires with several interwoven straps of leather on the calf. shocking and trendy style – wear a mini with a Undalya boots and sandals with koshelechkami . Mini-purses attached to the upper strap sandals. Low girls are perfect shoes with heels, "glasses" . In the cool summer weather can be combined with a mini cowboy boots , high boots with an extended leg. Summer models of boots made ??from thin, soft leather, carved with patterns and holes, decorated with flowers and rhinestones. Trendy boots model lays bare fingers or with the front cut promenade. There are shoes, which in any case should not be combined with the mini – shorter boots ruin any, wedding gowns even the most shapely legs. – heels – "stiletto" in combination with long noses and went looking mini and vulgar. ..arcadefromhell../blogs_view.php?id=2874 aisafashion.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: