Fujian voters in 28 million county-level NPC election   high enthusiasm — Fujian channel — people.com.cn people.com.cn November 26 Longyan Xinhua (Wu Longzhong) Fujian Province, county, township two level people’s Congress election activities during the period of November 1st to December 15th of this year. Reporters learned from the Propaganda Department of the Fujian Provincial People’s Congress, the election will have a total of 84 counties (cities, districts), a total of 930 villages and towns in the electorate to participate in the exercise of the right to vote and the right to be elected. Fujian is currently in full swing election activities. It is understood, according to the "Fujian province county, township two level people’s Congress direct election" rules for the implementation of regulations, a qualified voter registration in accordance with the law and has the right to vote and stand for election, in the constituency has become deputies recommended candidates, preliminary preliminary candidates for deputies, formal candidates, with each constituency voters in the polling day to vote, to be elected to the NPC announced. The candidate will meet popular rich leaders in Longyan, the reporter saw the election sprint Quanzhou election event, people’s Congress official candidates and voters and voting activities to meet the popular hot spot, voter participation enthusiasm. Will meet in this way: first introduces the basic situation of the host to the voters of formal candidates, candidates will then turn to how to fulfill their duties on behalf of the voters and voters statements, raise questions, candidates answer one by one. In the old revolutionary base areas in Shanghang county through the first district Qixian town meeting site, "80" beauty candidate Liu Shiying in answer to questions that voters and deputies to the NPC, is intended to be stronger and more competitive, the more precise poverty as, if not elected, will be devoted to cultivating the bank as soon as possible to become the industry leader…… She graduated from college in 2005 to work in Guangdong, go back to my hometown after entrepreneurship, promote the development of 169 villagers development of pigeon breeding, including 50 poor households. The candidate for the first time the show attracted many voters have to point praise. "Running again means standing on the starting line again." Is the local candidate Ding Xiaohong has celebrated rabbit aquaculture enterprises responsible person, province, city and County People’s Congress, the National People’s Congress office expires, the election will continue to be pushed to the local constituency candidate. She told the voters that if re elected, will not bear the voters trust, conscientious performance of their duties, to attract more college students and migrant workers return home folks participate in business, "100 domestic rabbits out of poverty and become rich……" Voters Wu Renchang told reporters that the meeting between the voters and candidates of the distance, enhance the sense of identity, changed the "list of people not see the dilemma, the future will be more satisfactory to vote, want to insist on this approach. Foreign entrepreneurs elected deputies to the "new Jinjiang" to the voters expect more formal candidates and voters will meet a wonderful one after another, election scene is bursting with popularity. In Jinjiang street of Luoshan City ninth district 25 at the election scene, voters have brought ID and xuanminzheng votes, in order to "fill in the secret place", in the specified space circle, solemnly put the ballot. Announced in the afternoon, from the field相关的主题文章: