GAC trumpchi GS8 officially listed price of 16.38-25.98 million car new car Sohu – Sohu []2016 October 26th, GAC trumpchi officially announced its new SUV models — trumpchi GS8 officially listed, launched a total of 6 models, the price of 16.38-25.98 million yuan. As a new car under the new flagship GAC trumpchi SUV, trumpchi GA8 with the same C platform (CPMA) to build, and equipped with the third generation of the GAC trumpchi interactive system for the first time. In addition, the conference, GAC official also announced that it will launch 9 new models in 2017 to further enrich its product matrix, and challenge the sales target of 500 thousand, in 2020 to achieve the scale of production and marketing of the 1 million. [Photo] leadership guest appearance: fresh elements used for trumpchi models bring trumpchi GS8 tough lines and wide body proportions and LED lights brighten. Trumpchi GS8 according to the configuration level, there are a lot of difference between the appearance of a panoramic sunroof, rear privacy glass, different style wheels and matrix type LED lamp. Interior: GS8 trumpchi car style and cash trumpchi GS4 similar to the console mounted 10.1 inch screen in the control, and equipped with " wisdom trumpchi " interactive system, which can realize mobile phone remote control car air conditioning window closing function. While the high allocation of vehicles will be equipped with connecteddrive, heated steering wheel, seat ventilation, adaptive cruise control, electronic handbrake, panoramic image, collision warning system, electric trunk configuration etc.. In addition, the new car will use seven layout, the front seat can be adjusted to the 10 electric, the seat can also be adjusted to achieve the independent adjustment of the rear row and second independent air conditioning. Power: trumpchi GS8 will be equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged engine, transmission and matching is a 6 speed automatic transmission. Before the suspension, Mcpherson after the multi link suspension with the new car, i-4WD and equipped with four-wheel drive system and ATS all terrain feedback system. Summary: the GAC trumpchi GS8 design is impressive in shape, space and configuration is the same level models of the mainstream level. As the current independent brands in the rare 7 SUV, which will not only face the same price of Changan CS95 independent brand models, and will also be a joint venture with a certain degree of brand. Compared with other brands, trumpchi GS8 is to seize the market opportunities, and other aggressive, more in line with the aesthetic needs of the consumer level.相关的主题文章: