Gansu: 2020 sports venues per capita area will reach 1.8 square meters, Gansu channel — original title: Gansu: 2020 sports venues per capita area will reach 1.8 square meters to promote the construction of city community "10~15 minutes fitness circle"; by 2020, the province’s population and more than 1 times a week to participate in physical exercise to reach 13 million, the number of frequent to participate in physical exercise to reach 9 million. In order to improve the people’s physical quality and health level, the provincial government recently issued the "Gansu National Fitness Program (2016~2020)" (hereinafter referred to as the implementation plan). The "implementation plan" clearly, to 2020, the province’s city state, County Stadium and gym or fitness center, the township (street) and village (community) to achieve full coverage of public sports facilities, sports venues per capita area reached 1.8 square meters. Total sports consumption reached 8 billion yuan. The city state cultivate international or national sports brand events make full use of the unique Loess Plateau, alpine gorge, Gobi desert, oasis grassland, rivers and lakes, mountain glaciers and other natural resources, cultivating a number of distinctive characteristics of sports culture brand and project implementation, each city has 1 international or national sports brand events. Each county city has 1 provincial sports brand events, each township (street) and village (community) has 1 fixed sports events. Among them, the Hexi area focus on the development of automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, snow, extreme sports, orienteering, aviation and other sports; the central region to focus on the development of dragon boat, rafting, horse racing, the tug of war, hiking, swimming, ball games and other sports; southeastern region focus mountaineering, rock climbing, fishing, traditional Wushu, qigong other sports, leisure and health. Comprehensively promote the fitness corridor four to enhance project to promote Gansu Silk Road Sports corridor "four" upgrade project, namely: each city built a stadium, gymnasium and swimming hall or skating hall, fitness center and other 1 Games 2 and 1 hall center, each county urban built stadium, fitness Plaza, gymnasium, fitness center and other 2 games 1 hall 1, each township (street) comprehensive fitness venues not less than 4 to carry out sports. The province’s annual new township farmers sports fitness projects, township and community sports fitness center 200, the village of farmers sports fitness project 2000. Improve the youth sports service network as the focus of the implementation of the national fitness program for young people, vigorously popularize the youth sports activities, improve the physical fitness of young people. To improve youth sports literacy and healthy behavior as an important part of school education, to ensure students in school sports venues and training time, to create "one school, one product, one of the characteristics of school sports skills". We should strengthen the construction of the outdoor sports camp, the school sports center, the sports club and the traditional sports school. Construction of youth sports volunteer service system, public sports service system, improve the school, community, family, youth sports service network. Plus)相关的主题文章: