Gao Jiajun announced a list of the first phase: Hengda 4 people, the Olympic Youth pick up the beam – Sohu sports JINGWAH times (reporter Zhang Xiaomin) yesterday, the Chinese Football Association announced a new national team training list. Different from the Perrin period, Gao Jun Hengda is no longer a big international player, Zheng Zhi, Huang Bowen, Feng Xiaoting three will be defeated, and the Olympic players Zhang Yuning, Xu Xin, Du Jia first selected for the national team. Although the Gao Lin back to the national team, but the number of Hengda international was reduced to 4, which was compared with the Perrin period Hengda selected 8 to 9 people in stark contrast. Including the captain Zheng Zhi, Feng Xiaoting, Huang Bowen and other famous generals have not been selected, in addition, in addition to the seriously injured Zou Zheng, Zheng Long, Mei fang, Zeng Cheng, who also missed the list. Xu Xin, Zhang Yuning, Yin Hongbo and Du Jia, who are outstanding in the Olympic team, were selected for the national team for the first time, with Jin Yangyang and Tong Wang, 6 new Asian soccer players who played in the U23 Asian Cup became the biggest highlight of the list. Li Ang, who was previously excluded from the country by his attitude, was able to return to the national team this time. In addition, Zhao Mingjian, Jiang Ning, Wang Chao also return?. From the new list, we can see Gao Hongbo’s idea of employing people boldly. However, only after the two heats of the contest, whether the high – ranking candidate is correct or not is the final conclusion.

高家军一期名单公布:恒大4人 国奥小将挑大梁-搜狐体育  京华时报讯(记者张晓敏)昨天,中国足协公布了新一期国家队集训名单。与佩兰时期不同,高家军中恒大不再是国脚大户,郑智、黄博文、冯潇霆三将落选,而国奥球员张玉宁、徐新、杜佳首次入选国家队。   虽然此次郜林重回国家队,不过恒大的国脚人数被缩减至4名,这与佩兰时期恒大入选8到9人形成鲜明对比。包括队长郑智、冯潇霆、黄博文等名将都没能入选,此外,除了遭遇重伤的邹正,郑龙、梅方、曾诚等人也无缘名单。   在国奥队表现突出的徐新、张玉宁、尹鸿博和杜佳首次入选国家队,加上金洋洋和王彤,6名出战了U23亚洲杯的新国脚成为名单的最大亮点。而此前因态度问题被国字号拒之门外的李昂,本次得以重回国家队。此外,赵明剑、姜宁、王?超等也重新回归。   从新名单可以看出高洪波“大胆起用新人”的用人思路。不过,只有打完两场世预赛,高帅的选人标准是否正确才有定论。相关的主题文章: