GEO set Austrian polymerization: the seeds of second-hand car in August at PC week days continue to access new network industry first in the industry according to the well-known big data service providers set Austrian polymerization in August of second-hand car second-hand car in August data show that the seeds of PC end user access to the highest week days, for 1.47 days, followed by the excellent letter and all the second-hand car car. Data show that the seeds of second-hand car August PC days to 1.47 days a week on a visit to the end to occupy the throne, 8 percentage points higher than the second ranked all cars, 17 percentage points higher than the letter of second-hand, second-hand car seeds week visit days and the widening gap between the competing products. In addition, the comparison of the three sites in August jumped out of the situation, the rate of use of melon seeds out of the car users. Web site to jump out of the lower rate, indicating that the site user experience is good, the user can find the content they need. Web site can reduce the low rate of user stickiness, the accumulation of a large number of loyal users. Analysts pointed out that the seeds of second-hand car to get user acceptance, and week visit to beat the opponent, mainly due to provide quality service experience and customer service support system comprehensive in seeds. It is understood that the launch of the five seeds detection system, including manual verification of information screening, car source; provide professional assessment division door detection of 259; the transfer of insurance maintenance information, big data comparison; home with, two times to verify the condition; before the transfer, shelves and so on vehicle inspection. From the source to ensure that the vehicle information is true, and the condition of the safety guaranteed. In addition, the melon used car also provides a 14 day retreat; 1 km warranty warranty after 20 thousand years. Users buy second-hand car no worries. After a year of growth, melon seeds has grown into the largest used car selling platform. Market consulting firm MillwardBrown (Hua Tongming) 2016Q2 "second-hand car brand health tracking research report" also pointed out that the transformation of the seeds of second-hand car straight sell brand loyalty to brand the recommended rate reached 69%, the reputation of living in similar second-hand vehicle website first. At present, the seeds in the sale of personal car second-hand car real-time source more than 120 thousand sets, is the first in the industry; covering 28 provinces, 179 City, through satellite city strategy service covers 208 City, city expansion growth continued to maintain the industry first; in the 179 City seeds covered in the main second-hand car, there are 170 City Trading Volume for the industry first; more than 1500 people in the evaluation team according to the size of the first industry, the overall service capacity and no one can. September 13th melon used car announced the total amount of A round of financing over $250 million, a record amount of second-hand car electricity supplier in the field of single financing amount, but also the size of the A round of financing in the field. The seeds of second-hand car CEO Yang Haoyong said: in 2017, the seeds will be completed three strategic goals: to become the entrance platform used car electricity supplier, the monthly turnover of 100 thousand +; the depth distribution of automotive finance, smart financial cloud platform more than 300 partners; to strengthen the technical capacity of big data, business data through insight into consumer behavior driven business innovation and upgrading.相关的主题文章: