The German government issued a warning letter to Tesla users: be careful to use the Sina Autopilot technology news Beijing time on October 14th evening news, the German Federal Motor authority (hereinafter referred to as "FMA") days prior to the Tesla owners issued a warning letter, said to be alert in the use of Autopilot automatic driving function, the driver should still be absorbed in to paying attention to the road. FMA said in the letter, Tesla electric car Autopilot function is a simple driver assistance system, rather than a set of full automatic driving system without manual intervention. According to the German traffic regulations, the use of Autopilot function drivers need to be vigilant, to maintain control of the vehicle. Since the launch of the Autopilot feature in October 2015 Tesla, a number of traffic accidents have occurred worldwide, including in January this year in China and in the United States in the accident occurred in the United States in May. September, Tesla electric car collided with a tourist bus in the northern German city, but fortunately the owner was only slightly injured. The driver said, when the car’s Autopilot function is open. Currently, the German Ministry of transport is on the Tesla Model S function to investigate the Autopilot. It is reported that the German Ministry of transport in an internal report, Tesla Autopilot system there is a great danger to traffic safety, especially when the Autopilot system failed to detect dangerous situations, the driver did not receive this information. Earlier this month, a Tesla spokesman said in an interview: "we have always told consumers, Autopilot system is a kind of auxiliary driving system, still asked the driver in driving full alert." The spokesman added: "just like a plane, if used properly, Autopilot can reduce the burden on the driver. Compared with the simple manual driving, but also to provide an additional layer of security." (Li Ming)相关的主题文章: