Girlfriend sun circle of friends Dutch act after the text shutdown alarm boyfriend but don’t know their residence in new network – Chongqing daily news in September 18th this year, about 13:50, Yubei District Xing back to the police station duty room received a warning for Dutch act. The police man Du Qiang said, his girlfriend Li Yan in the circle of friends drying out to buy medicine video and suicidal text will shut down, he was worried about the safety of his girlfriend to the police. After the alarm, the police dispatched emergency search, finally found the Li Yan, but the truth is that the police dumbfounding. In the text after the shutdown of women Dutch act according to the Yubei police yesterday, back to the police station and the day after the alarm, the alarm Du Qiang found at the gate of a district of Yubei District clothing City Avenue, to the police to provide him with his girlfriend Li Yan WeChat chat, text and Li Yan published in the circle of friends of the suicidal. Police found the two person micro channel chat, Li Yan said she was living in the area near her boyfriend Du Qiang. According to the police two person micro channel chats in medicine video, to find the pharmacy nearby. Police retrieved the pharmacy monitoring after seeing Li Yan in the morning to buy Chinese medicine pharmacy laxative, and no damage to the body of the drug purchase. The police then asked in detail about the specific identity of Li Yan, said Du Qiang did not know that Li Yan’s real name, do not know her age, but do not know her address and work units. Men fall in love with love mystery girlfriend Du Qiang told the police that he and Li Yan are through QQ chat software understanding, then two people established a relationship. Soon Du Qiang was going to marry Li Yan and bring her home to meet her parents. But when Du Qiang proposed to see Li Yan’s parents, she has to bring Du Qiang to Yubei District at a household door locked outside, Li Yancheng has no home. Du Qiang came to the door and found that the house had come out of a man, who asked them to find, Du Qiang suddenly. And then, seeing Li Yan ran away. After the The case is entirely cleared. admitted that he lied to Li Yan, Du Qiang, Du Qiang decided to break up with her. The woman was found not to commit suicide after the incident, the police after careful search, finally in the afternoon in the desert near Xiaolongkan found Li Yan. She says she won’t do anything stupid, the police will promptly inform the police of Du Qiang. Li Yan said that in September 18th of this year, in the morning, she came to live in the city of Yubei clothing City Avenue, a district to find him, said the two sides can not continue this wrong feelings, agreed to break up with the other party proposed. After leaving the house Du Qiang, Li Yan came to live in the vicinity of a pharmacy to buy medicine in the vicinity of Du Qiang, by the end of a period of drug delivery video. After that, she felt a little uncomfortable and released some suicidal text in the WeChat circle of friends. Which Du Qiang saw immediately contact her and found her cell phone off, for fear of her life, so the police for help. Let the police know is, after investigation, Li Yan real name is not Li Yan, 27 years old, Dianjiang people, currently staying in Shapingba, have a daughter. (the parties are a pseudonym) Chinese commercial news reporter Huang Ping相关的主题文章: