If you want to getaway from the usual tensions of your life, if you want to unwind yourself and feel the pleasure of the sun soaked beaches, incredible scenic beauty then Goa is your destination. Studded with ultimate beauty of sea, clear blue sky, sun soaked golden beaches the environment is best in the world .The most overwhelming surroundings are state of the art and provides best of the .bination of east meets west. I guarantee you that your holiday will be the best of your lifetime. Goa is world famous for its beaches and plenty of tourists thrive here to enjoy and have a good time. For ac.modation purpose hotels in Goa provide to the point service to their guests Goa hotels are famous for their very Indian hospitality and warmth. There are many star attractions in Goa that can be seen if you have soak up the sun for a long time and want a change of scenery. Goa is also famous for cathedrals, churches, monuments etc. Some of the key attractions are: Goa is supposed to be group of fantastic beaches that is Calangute beach that stretches around 7 Km. Baga beach is a handy .muting point to Arjuna Beach. At a distance of 7 Km from Panaji is the Dona Paula beach a very good site for Europeans for sun bathing and relaxation. For a distance of 6 Km away from Margao is the lovely colva beach which provide excellent beach holidays in Goa. For example Baga, Calangute, Candolim, Colva are some of the beach attractions of Goa. Anjuna Beach quite a rage for bagpackers.Benaulim beach is a very hip and happening attraction it is filled with small shack of shops and low key resorts in Goa. There are serene beaches like Arambol Beach in the north and Palolem beach in the south which will unwind your spirits and after sometime you will find a new you altogether. Other popular beaches include Agonda and Miramar.Goa beach resorts across these beaches in India are great options for staying purpose. Another attraction is the Arvalem waterfall and Dudhsagar waterfall that attract many tourists every year .There are also rock caves that are also hands upon key attractions some of the rock caves named are Khanderpar and Arvalem. There are also some of the attractions catering to religious minded visitors some of the pious places are the Pilar Monastery, Saliago Seminary and Rachol Seminary attract the religious minded visitors. Goa is a beautiful exquisite place for scenic lovers it has also been beautified by man also. Home to some of the grand churches build by Roman Catholic .munity supported by Portuguese rulers helped in building churches and cathedral in these beautiful surroundings. If you are in Panaji capital of Goa then you must visit the church dedicated to our Lady of Immacultae conception and the Chapel of St. Sebastian.There are other many state of the art churches and cathedrals such as the Goa museum, the secretariat, the Statue of Abbe Faria in the capital is a must see for lovers of art. For staying purpose there are many economical budget hotels for the visitors. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: