Good hot spring travel an invigorating autumn climate peacock city livable town of Xindu Jingnan hot spring breeze blowing, clear day, sunny, an invigorating autumn climate, osmanthus fragrance, Xie Fei Huang Ju, the equinox is the beautiful and pleasant season. With the advent of the autumnal equinox, the rainy season will gradually fade out. In the spring of Xindu peacock city (real estate information) of the weekend, with family and friends traveling together in the embrace of nature. Xindu spa peacock city is the point of intersection of airport economic circle, central health and life circle of hot springs. Beijing south along the shade, all the way back to the Hot Springs Scenic Area, Xindu peacock City, foreign owned acres of plain forest, the owner of 330 thousand square meters, Central Park international spa park golf course, 3 ecological park, enjoy life interesting in nature every day. Living in the big city, the noise over the disturbance, leaving a small window in the morning, you wake up is not the alarm clock, is the window of the window, blowing the whistle; used to air conditioning is depressing, open the window, the air flow noise noise. Xindu hot peacock city! The autumnal equinox season, and family weekend travel, enjoy clear, peaceful quiet time to live up to the gift of nature. In the seat, listening to the whisper, listen to the footsteps of birds. Walk through the forest, walk the fields, see cenglinjinran, enjoy the sweet fruit. In the spring of Xindu peacock city livable Town, enjoying the quiet and leisurely, enjoying the autumn harvest and beautiful. The new airport health district (Zai Jian), enjoy the city supporting (construction area) 130-220 square meters southeast spa courtyard, enjoy 330 thousand Ping "New York Central Park". A courtyard, a private soup, daily home spa, enjoy the house ten years earlier. Advisory Tel: 400-819-1111 to 611171相关的主题文章: