Google has finally launched a new office tool, Microsoft Sohu directly challenge the technology since the show on consumer level hardware market ambitions in the month at the beginning of the conference, Google also launched a new collaborative office of the latest weapon — Google Jamboard. Editing documents with others is a revolutionary feature of Google’s online office suite. This feature actually debuted ten years ago, and, of course, people would think that this kind of function is taken for granted. However, although the implementation of collaborative online documents and forms is indeed very useful, but it is always better than directly in the minds of the ideas written on the whiteboard. For this reason, Google wants to subvert our way of working again, and officially released the Jamboard, a digital whiteboard connected with the cloud, so that the team can collaborate in real time no matter where. According to Jamboard Product Manager TJ Varghese said, this new electronic whiteboard will redefine the future meeting way. From the hardware itself, Jamboard is basically a 55 inch 4K display, and the use of traditional digital whiteboard and similar. For example, in the meeting room and colleagues at the meeting, you can always use a stylus on the whiteboard to describe your ideas. But as a typical Google products, the biggest feature is its cloud connection. Google put all the content you draw on the board is called "Jam" (a meaning), the content will be automatically stored in the cloud folder. When you need to display these content, you can always call through a web page or other Google App. The most important thing is that colleagues can be in a variety of ways to collaborate with you in real time. Remote teams can use their own Jamboard at any time to adjust and supplement your content, the feeling is that the whole team in a conference room for full interaction. In addition, the user can also be the contents of the Whiteboard into the Google chat system, and broadcast to the world. Specially developed Android and iOS applications allow colleagues around the world to listen. Of course, all editing tools Jamboard can also be applied to iPad or Android tablet PC. On the other hand, collaborate in real time via the voice call colleagues can see all data and image input Jamboard, because these contents are available through the app can be synchronized to the mobile phone terminal, Jamboard Promo released from Google’s point of view, mobile phone end modification and notes can also feedback to the Jamboard (see below). In appearance, Jamboard is like a large size Nexus 10, the screen below a thick baffle, the top is a camera. At the bottom, the utility model is provided with a small tray which is used for holding a pen and a blackboard eraser. Jamboard installation and flat-panel TVs are exactly the same, you can install it on the wall, or configure it on top of the 4 big wheels, which can lift相关的主题文章: