Green sound of plum wine let you close the door to love yourself – and Sohu seckill, full cut, discount…… These low-cost way cannot stimulate everyone’s desire to buy, in particular the upgrading of consumption today, content providers are A new force suddenly rises. With high-quality content from the media, in the past to rely on advertising to make money for others, and the last year, the profit model to become their own content to do their own brand products. The success of the content of the electricity supplier, because the user’s recognition of their feelings, will be very sticky. But the drawback is that if there have been a number of products are not high quality, will undermine the trust of the content community, or even directly off". Different from other content providers, content and products should have a "green sound, let you become better yourself" this good value, relationship of interaction with the fans. Its brand advantage is emotional KOL, personalization, emotional appeal and psychological problems. Send the "green sound public good night every night before going to bed to appease the soul" speech, and with two courses; her training products "Yin Qing School of magic", which is "I love" and "interesting"; she’s products, has a healing function, both books, essential oils and Aromatherapy lamps, household products…… Have the function of self promotion and repair. That product is in her blue sound, her output values, and no mental healing related products are not elected, so the products relatively slow pace, but every one is fan favorite. Including the latest on "Yang Qing" plum wine, just released will be sold out. Wine, which carries a variety of emotions, suitable for any occasion. While the green sound gives meaning and function, more of this plum wine. A year ago, because the opportunity to work in Japan to Yin Qing short stay in Kyoto, see flowers on the road, ran into a book in China Japanese girl, a companion, after two days of happy tour, parting for a bottle of wine as a gift Mei Zi Yin qing. After returning to open the bottle, do not love wine green sound, was fascinated by the taste of it, she has a taste called "sweet friendship". In addition to sharing with friends and lovers, green sound more in love with it another function: suitable for a quiet life, drink alone. It can not only ease the mood, there is beauty and cosmetic effect. Later, the school decided to take the green sound of wine, and more people to share. She searched the Japanese wine cellar, finally found a 60 year experience of plum wine brewed wine, after 10 months of gestation, finally available. Across the green waterfront, specifically tailored for the female mountain, with sweet soft healing it more every wine tasting, but also provides a closed door on their way of life, mood precipitation. In public, Yin Qing introduced a plum wine article, a clear message: "the same charge readers to the quality of the product itself is very important, more important meaning and significance of the products at the same time."相关的主题文章: