Guangdong female students by telephone fraud cheated light tuition report threw herself into the sea even on the eve of Shandong, Linyi girl Xu Yuyu was a large telephone fraud the sad death of what caused the majority of users of attention and discussion, the case also let the school season fraud "has become the focus of attention of the majority of students and parents. Unfortunately, Jieyang County of Huilai city in August 31st also broke a similar case: Qi Shi Zhen Keng Zi Guan Qu Feng County, the north of a 19 year old girl Cai Mouyan, suspected in August 19th by SMS fraud ten thousand yuan tuition fees and living expenses, in August 28th left a suicide note left home. On August 29th, Huilai police found Cai Mouyan’s body on the beach. In the evening of August 31st, a community forum in Huilai County, a missing 19 year old son, said Huilai County Qi Shi Zhen Keng Zi Guan Qu Feng Bei girl Cai Mouyan, because in August 19th the SMS fraud ten thousand yuan tuition and living expenses, in August 28th the runaways, they then anxiously looking around her trail, and to the police. In the net posts, post with a suspected Cai Mouyan left his brother’s suicide note at the same time. The letter said: "brother, when you see this article about when I should have Dutch act, Dutch act reason is because they are too stupid to believe, SMS fraud, shorn of mom gave me ten thousand yuan of money, stupid right? I feel stupid, but errors have been made, can not be resolved, I was afraid of being scolded, afraid because of this cause I can’t go to college, really afraid, there is hope and despair, this feeling really bad, I really can not afford, only in this way to the end of my life. Avoid scold, I am very weak! Sorry, mom, Dad, I’m sorry, can not give you want you to thrive, outliving Tim, sad figure. I know you’ve always wanted a lot of money, but your daughter, I’m finally going to let you down! When I have not had this daughter, Dad, mom, I am sorry, but did not repay you, the next life and then repay it. Brother, do you want to listen to mom and dad’s words, they are old, day depends on your pension, your sister I have not used, can not help you, you should have a good fight, the early realization of mom and dad wish to build a house, will be filial to mom and Dad, don’t let them angry. Finally want to say is, don’t believe those who say you winning SMS and telephone, I’m a living example, you don’t follow my sister again, take care of yourself and work hard. After reading this article about it to delete it! If someone asks me, say I have an accident, do not say that I was cheated, so stupid!" Last night, the reporter called his family to understand the situation. The first mother answered the phone, did not say a few tears, then the girls uncle took over the phone are introduced. According to its introduction, Cai Mouyan is just graduated from high school students, college entrance examination this year, admitted to the Guangdong foreign language art Career Academy, September is about to start, the luggage are ready to go to college. In mid August, Cai Mouyan mistakenly believe that the liar fraud scam in the TV program, three times cheated his mother gave her $9800 body相关的主题文章: