Guangdong mother refined why Jessica space – Sohu in different regions of the baby diapers diapers in mother preferences are not a small difference. Mother to the south of the Yangtze River, to accept new things as early as possible, to accept the speed, parenting awareness is also more trendy. In addition, the north south climate is humid climate, an amount of diapers in greater demand, consumption has been higher than the north. Guangdong mother choose the most discerning diapers in the northern region, usage of diaper growth is also very fast in recent years, in addition to Beijing and Tianjin, Qingdao, Dalian and other developed coastal city, has also expanded to the north two or three, four line city. But in some remote areas of the county, it is very difficult to directly buy diapers are big brands. The data show that the most critical requirements to use diapers, than the mother Guangdong. Life, Guangdong mothers always pay attention to the quality of life, from the dressing, cooking soup, a walking fashion fine line. Many people think that mothers buy diapers just pay attention to the pretty appearance, quality is good, whether the brand, use is not very face, for substantive technology does not care. "But for Guangdong moms, just a part of emotional, in the choice of diapers, Guangdong mothers smart and meticulous, is critical to the extreme, even they will buy different diapers home to do experiments, to determine whether diapers for the children to choose which brand." In the field of entrepreneurship diapers in Guangdong for 25 years before the Limited by Share Ltd general manager Xie Xijia said, "good service Guangdong mom, can serve all China mothers". Xie Xijia, from the beginning of 1992, he engaged in the diaper industry in Guangdong, the beginning, they serve China the most discerning the most astute mothers. Jessica ZhiNiaoKu is relying on technology and quality of the unique, slowly forming a reputation in the circle of mother, only mothers favor in the intense competition in the market of diapers. Now, Jessica has ZhiNiaoKu from the Pearl River Delta to the China, annually serving millions of mothers. Xie Xijia introduction, Guangdong mothers choose diapers are very strict and demanding, high standard "". Five characteristics to meet the mother of Guangdong to meet the growing demands of mothers. Xie Xijia led the company’s technical team responsible for the development of aerospace health supplies, will represent the latest technology level of space sanitary materials, production process and application to diapers, baby diapers series created green space. This paper has five characteristics: one is the heart of carbon core aerospace materials produced by gravity. There are moments of leakage at the bottom of the groove core, can full three-dimensional instant absorption, and firmly lock the urine, instant dry, and effectively preventing. The overall absorption performance is 20% higher than that of the common core. Green space compared to the ordinary diapers diapers, quick absorption, high capacity, can not only meet the demand of normal baby urination and defecation, can keep the surface dry. Carbon cloth can effectively absorb the excreta of the flavor substances and ammonia components, continuous and effective removal of odor, help protect the baby’s skin weak acidic environment, to maintain the health of the baby’s skin. Two is high permeability super.相关的主题文章: