The Guangzhou auto show, the 12 exhibition hall of the 13 car models popular – Sohu to drive a car like the temple, everyone to come here again. The Guangzhou auto show, in the autumn of the occasion, take a car, a connecting role once a year. This year’s harvest, how to plan the next year, manufacturers are willing to talk to the media. At the top of the booth, there are a lot of cars in the limelight, the future car of the future. My brother in a walk around the show after that each pavilion has its own popular models, then pick up instructions for you (except for the 7.1 shops and commercial vehicle new energy vehicles exhibition hall). 1.1 stores listed on the eve of the Guangzhou Peugeot Auto Show on the eve of the listing, Dongfeng Peugeot intention is obvious, is to win more attention. Although my brother was not invited to the launch nationwide, but still go to the Guangzhou auto show booth observe a moment, the car took people pretty much. All of the price range of 185 thousand and 700 27.37 million, equipped with PSA group and 1.6THP Chinese have only a 1.8T engine. On the car, my brother felt that design really, sweep away the Volkswagen brand brings calm atmosphere, stylish atmosphere. However, 4008 of the most top price of 273 thousand and 700 yuan this price, or let my brother have to scream: actually can sell so expensive. 1.2, Dongfeng fashion Jing Yi X5 sale of Dongfeng popular king Yi X5 announced the pre-sale price of 9-12 million yuan, opened the prelude to Dongfeng popular 2 times. This is a positioning for the comfort of the high texture SUV, the new car before the first appearance in the Chengdu auto show, by the media, the market reaction is quite good. My brother felt that aspects of the car design has improved a lot, it is said that the concept of design concept originated from the Ming Dynasty chair "triangle", meet the aesthetic Chinese consumers. In the configuration and functional aspects, new images of X5 have a great advantage. First, it inherited the excellent "SUV family joyear XL DNA, vehicle size 4515x1812x1725mm, especially 2720mm long wheelbase, bring leapfrog space for the consumer. The car from the ground clearance of 200mm, and is an independent suspension, through good. Security, in strict accordance with the 2015 version of the C-NCAP collision safety standards for the design of five stars. The whole system comes standard with BOSCH’s latest version of the ESP9.1 system, 6 airbags and front and rear seat belt pretensioners, greatly enhance the active safety, bring a sense of security for consumers to leapfrog. In addition, the new king Yi X5 has long warranty 5 years 100 thousand km, for consumers to resolve to bring a sense of security menace from the rear, leapfrog. My brother felt that this car should be able to emerge in the 100 thousand level SUV. 2.1 Changan Museum of Ford 2017 Mondeo listed Changan Ford Ford today announced the new Mondeo officially listed, will provide models for consumers to choose, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price from 179800 yuan to 319800 yuan. Ford new Mondeo adaptation:相关的主题文章: