Guangzhou MITSUBISHI outlander into designated car   "you" was formally launched on the Silk Road — car — October 14 Beijing Xinhua (Jiang Ying) October 12th, sponsored by the MITSUBISHI Camry "the Silk Road Tour third season –" you "open broadcast on the silk cloth will be held in Beijing, Guangzhou MITSUBISHI outlander as the only designated car show their first variety show. "The Silk Road Tour third season –" you "are on the silk road has been airing on Shaanxi TV blockbuster on the evening of October 10th, the entire season shows a total of 13, every Monday night 21:20 to meet with the audience. The program to visit the maritime silk civilization as the theme, divided into articles, Nanyang, set sail in Europe, the 4 chapter of the return journey, Guangzhou MITSUBISHI outlander will carry coffee star starting from the starting point of the maritime Silk Road in Fujian Quanzhou, Guangzhou, India, New Delhi, Russian way to Moscow, St Petersburg, by Dunhuang, the ancient silk the way back to the starting point of Xi’an, for the first time to complete the connection of sea and land on the Silk Road journey. Zhang Yishan, Benny Chan, Wang Ji, Pan Xiaoting joined the Silk Road Tour, as each station guest star team. In addition, the new season of the program also selected from the Silk Road in different countries and different occupation and different character of the 6 bit high Yan values 90, and each station 1 stars were composed of the Silk Road Tour, led the audience is not the same as the interpretation of the history of the Silk Road, to experience the most authentic Silk Road culture, silk road show good friendship. The first appearance of "outlander" will be the third season of reality show "you" is on the silk road show star big coffee are designated car, and star guests together through 2 states and 3 countries and more than 10 city. Guangzhou MITSUBISHI outlander will also rely on the professional SUV chassis, plenty of power, the same level of the strongest and powerful four-wheel drive performance, in the face of harsh terrain along the Silk Road, showing good off-road performance and reliable quality, complete the connection with the maritime Silk Road Overland Silk Road feat. Guangzhou MITSUBISHI executive vice general manager Mr. Zhang Yuesai said at the event: "silk road carrying peaceful cooperation, openness and tolerance, mutual learning, mutual benefit and win-win spirit, MITSUBISHI cooperation with Shaanxi TV reality show, hope that through the perspective of the Silk Road spread civilization, witness the latest development of the new Silk Road"." Since 2014, GAC MITSUBISHI and Shaanxi satellite TV has been carried out three years of cooperation. In 2014, MITSUBISHI Camry in the Central Propaganda Department, the State Press and Publication Administration launched the "Silk Road and Bridge Engineering" project — the Silk Road tour. 2015, GAC MITSUBISHI and Shaanxi TV again hand in hand, launched the country’s first large road survival reality show. (: Yan Feng, commissioning editor Dou Ming)相关的主题文章: