Guangzhou morning peak of the new Q5 Car Buying Carnival single phase to benefit the new Audi Q5 "· in November 12th; free" Guangzhou morning peak Car Buying Carnival single phase Hui, to the store to send a car to the ring, pendant, invited the Guangzhou Academy of fine arts, artistic director of oil painting field guide, the famous host a live interactive radio, Audi hand drawn floats Car Buying, creating diversified experience, enjoy one-stop service, second-hand cars can enjoy 0 Shoufu, maintenance discount as low as 24% off yuan, worth more Car Buying exclusive gift, look forward to your participation, more surprises in detail 28360999 morning peak Audi. Activity time: November 12, 2016 (Saturday) 14:30-18:00               location: Guangzhou morning peak Audi hall on the first floor of the active object: Audi network customers, potential customers, VIP, bank financial customers, according to radio listeners models: Audi Q5 activities: multiple surprise Hao Li + highlights + manual models DIY + + stage shows the cross industry alliance. Expected results: set off target: 50 batches, sales target: 10 units. Highlights:   activity flow: 14:00-15:00 customers at the parking area reserved parking position of the customer into the store welcome guide 14:30-15:00 customers to store gift gifts 14:30-15:00 the number of public concern, warm field video playback 15:00-15:30, DIY 15:30-15:50 Handmade exquisite tea host opening, introduced preferential activities 15:50-16:00 16:00-16:10 stage interpretation models to explain, highlights outstanding products USP selling 16:10-16:30 prizes interactive quiz quiz Q5 models upgrade 3 16:30-16:50 stage shows the 16:50-18:00 client free sign, in order to win the car to grab a single gift, lucky draw customers participate in the raffle, unified 18:00 invited to the end of the presence of customers, photo gifts: to store gift "" sign "activities during the customers will receive an exquisite gift a A. (Sophia PENDANT 1) "," 1 interactive ceremony "stage of interaction, Q5 new knowledge quiz, participate in the prize. (Audi fine U disc 1, a total of 3 2), warm field interaction, Audi DIY floats making + painting ceremony "" exclusive car "where the event day Car Buying, may participate in the grab Car Buying gift, the first set of gifts! 1: the value of 5800 yuan     Audi bicycle 1         2 2 gifts: the value of 2360 yuan     child safety seat 1   3   3 gifts: the value of 1750 yuan     Audi box 1       5;相关的主题文章: