Hainan rain weakened new typhoon "catfish" toward the Southern China days of rainstorms hit Lingshui, Qionghai June! Wanning, the constant danger of new typhoon "catfish" toward the Southern China region in the past September 20-22 day, Hainan Island is not calm, weak cold air and low jet joint influence, northern Hainan Island, Eastern and central regions of heavy heavy look at these data here: rainstorm in September 20th 8 when -23 7 Hainan Island rainfall map (unit: mm; red digital urban rainfall, rainfall station black digital automatic station 20, 08 township) to 23 July 07, Haikou, Chengmai, Wanning, Wenchang, Lingshui, Qionghai, and other cities and counties in Qiongzhong Tunchang the process of heavy rainfall, cumulative rainfall is heavy rainfall in the eastern half of the island occurred mainly in the area. The island has a total of 66 Township accumulated rainfall exceeding 100 mm, of which there are 24 townships accumulated rainfall exceeding 200 mm, maximum 314.2 mm Wanning three Luo town. Watch the heavy rainfall by torrential rains in Qionghai, Lingshui, Wanning and other places of serious water amounting to 21 am, a 6 year old Qionghai Jiaji early morning rain water trapped in the cabin, police and fire fighters rescued the elderly. Southern Metropolis Daily reporter Chen Kang correspondent Fan Xiaoliu Qing Weitu 21, rainstorm caused a serious water on the streets of Lingshui village. Officers and men blocked water with sandbags to avoid flooding into the room. Southern Metropolis Daily correspondent Xia Yong 21, after Wanning, Xingan Road West water after the rain. Southern Metropolis Daily reporter Wang Zhongxin photographed Boao airport protection embankment dangerous situation, the officers and soldiers in the reinforcement of the dam. Correspondent to Jiang Lanjiang butterflies for September 22nd, heavy rainfall led to Qionghai Boao airport dike overtopping dam and dike appear danger, seriously endanger the safety of life and property of the surrounding villagers. 22 days afternoon 4 when, in Qionghaimou troops dispatched more than 60 soldiers went to the front line, emergency rescue and disaster relief. It is reported that 22 Qionghai city average rainfall reached 141 mm, up to 205 mm; the soldiers arrived at the disaster area after the battle quickly, heavy rain climbed the slope mud, plugging piping, carrying sandbags to reinforce the dam, out of danger. As of press time, no casualties, rescue work is still continuing. On the 23 day on the rainfall decreased significantly in Hainan Province meteorological station is expected today (23 days) Hainan Island rainfall decreased significantly, but the rest of the western region is cloudy, there is still a small to moderate rain, local heavy rain. The 7 day weather forecast: Haikou Sanya Wanning Danzhou Qiongzhong down rain began to weaken! But two days still have showers, remember to bring your umbrella! Read more news NEWS MORE typhoon "catfish" generation, will be toward the Southern China area 23, 8, the position of the seventeenth typhoon this year, "catfish" Center: 15.6 degrees north latitude, 140.1 degrees east longitude, strength: tropical storm wind: 8, location: Taiwan city of Taitung province from the south of East 2140 km area of Taiwan

海南降雨减弱 新台风“鲇鱼”直扑华南   多日暴雨袭琼!万宁琼海陵水等地险情不断丨新台风“鲇鱼”直扑华南地区   在刚刚过去的9月20-22日,   海南岛并不平静,   受弱冷空气和低空急流共同影响,   海南岛北部、东部和中部地区普降大到暴雨   看看这些数据↓↓   9月20日8时-23日7时海南岛降雨量图(单位:毫米;红色数字为城区站降雨量,黑色数字为乡镇自动站降雨量)   20日08时~23日07时,海口、澄迈、万宁、文昌、陵水、琼海、琼中和屯昌等市县出现强降雨,过程累积雨量情况为:强降雨落区主要出现在本岛东半部地区。全岛共有66个乡镇累积雨量超过100毫米,其中有24个乡镇累积雨量超过200毫米,最大为万宁三更罗镇314.2毫米。   直击强降雨   受暴雨影响   琼海、陵水、万宁等地积水严重   ▼   21日凌晨,琼海嘉积一名6旬老人凌晨被暴雨积水困在小木屋,民警和消防战士一起将老人救出。   南国都市报记者陈康 通讯员樊骁 柳庆伟图   21日,暴雨致陵水新村一街道积水严重。官兵们用沙袋堵住积水,避免积水进屋。   南国都市报通讯员夏勇摄   21日,万宁后安兴安西路雨后出现积水。   南国都市报记者王忠新 摄   博鳌机场防护堤出现险情   部队官兵在加固堤坝。通讯员于江澜江蝶群供图   9月22日,强降雨导致琼海博鳌机场防护堤出现漫堤和溃堤险情,严重危及周边村民生命财产安全。22日下午4时,驻琼海某部队紧急派出60余名官兵奔赴一线,抢险救灾。   据悉,22日琼海市平均降雨量达到141毫米,最高达205毫米;官兵们到达灾区后,迅速投入战斗,冒着大雨爬上泥坡,封堵管涌,搬运沙袋加固堤坝,排除险情。截至发稿时未有人员伤亡,抢险工作仍在继续。   23日起琼岛降雨明显减弱   海南省气象台预计,今天(23日)起海南岛降雨明显减弱,西部地区多云,但其余地区仍有小到中雨、局地大雨。   7天天气预报↓↓   海口   三亚   万宁   儋州   琼中   降雨开始减弱啦!但这两天还是会有阵雨,记得带伞哟!   新闻多看点   NEWS MORE   台风“鲇鱼”生成,将直扑华南地区   23日8时,今年第17号台风“鲇鱼”中心位置:北纬15.6度、东经140.1度,强度等级:热带风暴,最大风力:8级,位置:距离台湾省台东市东偏南方向2140公里海域的海面上。   预报结论:“鲇鱼”将以每小时20公里左右的速度向西偏北方向移动。   根据中央气象台发布的路径图来看,台风“鲇鱼”未来将向闽南粤东交界处移动,直扑华南地区。   综合海南日报、南国都市报、中央气象台相关的主题文章: