BAG A bag can make or break a look, and in some cases, a bag even defines it. An expensive leather bag adds instant Jackie O sophistication to a simple white shirt and jeans ensemble; a crystal-studded evening bag brings a sheath dress from work to after-office cocktails. Take the same outfit and pair it with a different bag, and the image you project dramatically shifts. Pair a suit with a structured black bag and you’re polished and in control, but with a hot pink bag you’re playful and creative. A bag is the easiest and most practical way to update your closet to include the year’s trends. If the fashion gods have declared that gold is the colour of the season, a glittery bag incorporates it into your outfit without making you look like a Christmas tree. If Grecian’s in, and your office frowns on strappy silver sandals and vine leaves woven into your hair, a delicate bag made from soft fabric subtly tells everyone that you’re in the know. You can also splurge on a bag with far less guilt than you would, say, a mink coat. Many designer bags come in timeless, classy shapes and colors. While the bag is a little pricier, you can justify the expense with the high level of craftsmanship and durable materialsyou’ll be using that bag for years, probably for several days a week. You don’t have to buy an expensive bag to make a fashion statement. Bag designs come in different materials, colors and shapes; there’s enough variety out there for you to use a different bag every day of the year, without repeating yourself. But make sure you have the basics. Every girl needs at least at least one of the following bag types: * utility bag (in black and brown) * formal bag (in black and gold/silver) * canvas or denim bag for casual, rugged wear * designer bag (because every girl deserves one!) * waterproof/weatherproof bag for rainy days or the beach * makeup bag for discreet touch ups * large bag for running errands * straw or wicker bag for summer dresses and beach wear About the Author: Amanda,s Comments are for the best information visit the website for an insight, into my elite and exclusive publication with revealing information, on how to buy wholesale handbags direct. Also for tip"’s, hints and news visit my handbag portal.. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Womens-Issues 相关的主题文章: