Happy birthday to Yao Ming 36! In the hall of fame as the most heavy gift [subtitled] Yao Ming Hall of fame speech integrity record reproduction humor Tencent sports news September 12th September 12th is the birthday of Yao Ming 36, the distance he just stepped into the basketball hall of fame is only separated by two days, this is more like a gift for his birthday, for Dayao, the unusual birthday. Yao Ming usher 36 birthday for Yao Ming’s record, a lot of people are already known, needless to say, in 2002, only 22 year old Yao Ming with a sentimental became NBA 1, came to the United States of Houston, a stranger had just arrived, all over, there may be far more than the hardships of imagination. Yao Ming not only to the opponent combat, but also facing alone under great pressure of suffering, the night comes, the emotional impact is not dark, but lonely, drifting, only the strong will to support. Yao Ming has just entered the NBA, questioned opponents of contempt and anecdotal Pumianerlai, Bangyan show Jay Williams Yao Ming was robbed after the exam was not convinced, said to his dunk on Yao Ming, Barkley once said, if Yao Ming got 19 points will kiss ass ass, and O’neal also used some strange to imitate the pronunciation Chinese taunt Yao Ming, even had to "Charlie Rosen" as the representative of the black American media group Yao circle, put Yao Ming under the microscope, he wantonly criticism. But these and why? Step by step Yao Ming proved himself, he rejected outside he was called "giant", because a foundation of Yao Ming’s height but he played, and the true success is to let him have a height and does not match the ball technology and taking step by step with the actual performance, he let the doubters shut up, step by step with efforts to fulfill a promise. Yao Ming once said: "I don’t expect to be respected in NBA, respect is earned by strength, not by others." Indeed, he conquered the NBA with the strength to win the respect of the world, he was in the Yao Shaq even sent O’neal three shots, fan shark still "psychological shadow", in 2004 he had a war against the hawks in 21 throw in 15 scored 41 points, had staged a behind the back dragon dunk’s surprise four, in the NBA arena, your imagination will not follow the footsteps of Yao Ming, he is constantly creating their own surprise, and the surprise is the strength of the proof. Of course, in competitive sports, status often rely on "achievement" to speak, because of injuries, Yao Ming’s career is to maintain a 9 season short, his best team record in the Western Conference semifinals, and O’neal, Kobe seems to these experiences, Duncan, Nowitzki and other super giant compared to seem insignificant, but when Yao Ming stood on the court, he has done the best, he has been with the highest standard of their own. The 2009 playoffs semi-final, Yao Ming was injured in the knee, had to return to the locker room for treatment, but the game was very stalemate, just went to the tunnel, Yao Ming decided to return to the court, and his brothers together fought side by side, when he went back to the game, the sound penetrating.相关的主题文章: