Harbin men have a car and a house but loves to steal too fat to run caught life newspaper news October 29th men work at home, a house and a car, but also often go to the supermarket to steal something, because actually "hobby". Recently, Harbin man Liu when stealing was found by the clerk, patrol Auxiliary Police Chase kilometers after arrested. According to the Nangang auxiliary police patrol brigade two squadron auxiliary Liang Dongdong, 26, 15 pm, he and his colleagues are near the patrol area, Garden Street, a supermarket clerk suddenly rushed out of the supermarket shouting "catch the thief!" At the intersection of Garden Street and Longjiang street, a man with a fat body is running with his plastic bag in his hand. "He ran all the way from Longjiang street to Anshan street, and later, because he was too fat to run, we kept chasing him and holding him down." According to the clerk, according to surveillance video, the man had two times to steal shop. On the day of the incident, the man came to the store again. After picking the items, he packed all the things in the plastic bag and circled the store door from the cashier. Always watch his clerk go out and chase, but he ran away. After understanding, Liu is the Harbin people, home is in good condition, the room has a car, but the habit of stealing. Liu said: "in fact, just beginning to steal play, and later succeeded, think interesting, not steal, it is a bit uncomfortable." On the day of the incident, Liu’s hand carried plastic bags with pine nuts, biscuits, fruits and other small commodities, the total value of more than 700 yuan. Subsequently, the police confirmed by surveillance video, Liu on 23, 24, respectively, two times to the supermarket stole goods. At present, Liu has been transferred to the postal police station, punishable by administrative detention.

哈市男子有车有房却爱偷东西 因太胖跑不动被抓   生活报10月29日讯 男子有正常工作,家里有房有车,还经常到超市里去偷东西,竟是因为“爱好”。近日,哈市男子刘某在行窃时被店员发现,被巡逻辅警追出千米后抓获。   据南岗巡逻辅警大队二中队辅警梁冬冬介绍,26日15时许,他与同事正在辖区附近巡逻,突然花园街某超市的店员冲出超市大喊:“抓小偷呀!”只见花园街与龙江街交口处,一名体态偏胖的男子手里拎着塑料袋正拼命奔跑。“他从龙江街一直跑到鞍山街附近,后来因为他胖,跑不动了,我俩一直追上去把他按住了。”据店员介绍,根据监控录像,这名男子曾两次来店里行窃。案发当天,该男子又来店里,选完物品后,把东西全装进塑料袋里,从收银台旁绕了一圈出了店门。一直留意他的店员跑出去追,没想到他狂奔着跑远了。   经了解,刘某是哈市人,家里条件很好,有房有车,却有偷东西的习惯。刘某说:“其实刚开始就是偷着玩,后来得手了觉得有意思,不偷就有点难受。”案发当日,刘某手里拎的塑料袋中有松子、饼干、水果等小商品,总价值700余元。随后民警又通过监控录像确认,刘某分别于23日、24日两次来该超市偷过商品。目前,刘某已被移交给邮政派出所,被处以行政拘留的处罚。相关的主题文章: