Hefei police destroyed a telecommunications network fraud gang – Beijing, an online news the day before, the Hefei police after 3 months of careful investigation, successfully destroyed hidden in the Hefei District of Yaohai City, Luyang District, a number of telecommunications network fraud dens, one will be 223 members of the telecommunications network fraud caught, and Xu Moumou, Wang Moumou, Moumou to more than 20 backbone of the arrest. Around 6 o’clock on the evening of April 24th, Shandong, Qingdao residents Mr. Ma reported that he was a company fraud 100 thousand yuan in Hefei. After understanding, at the beginning of April, the online Instructor persuaded and recommendation, Mr. Ma won the internet account poly Technology Co. Ltd. in Anhui, "Sichuan Sichuan trading platform, engaged in fuel oil futures trading, one-time investment 100 thousand yuan, only a short ten days you lose nothing. After the event, the unfortunate horse will own investment experience in the online posting. Some netizens reply him: you cheated, it is all false. Yaohai Public Security Bureau after inquiry, Anhui poly win Internet Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the vicinity of Linquan Road, a building, four floor. Then, for a few days, the police have disguised as property staff, building Express Couriers to infiltrate the company registered address, but found no name for Anhui poly win Internet Technology Co. the mechanism, only found a company called "Oriental love infant education" mechanism, posing as police to consult children the name of the company into education. Found that neither the kindergarten teachers, but also did not see the children and parents of young children, but found that the whole floor of about 140 to 150 people, each person on the computer or chat with others, or in the call. The inspection found that, in addition to Qingdao, Mr. Ma, there are several Internet users have their own experience, but also referred to the Anhui poly win Internet Technology Co., ltd.. Less to say that the loss of tens of thousands, more than the loss of hundreds of thousands, or even millions. After more than half a month online, careful investigation of the network, investigators concluded that Anhui poly win Internet Technology Co., Ltd. alleged fraud. It is reported that the Anhui poly win Internet Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in December 2015, is closely related to the Anhui property investment limited company of seed of more than a dozen companies, and these companies address changes from time to time, has rented in Mengcheng road and the intersection of Fengtai Road, Luyang District, Yaohai District near the double post victory road and Quan road etc.. With the in-depth investigation, the ad hoc group was informed that, no matter how the company name change, how to change the office address, but only a little change, that is to do everything possible to cheat money investment. After 3 months of careful investigation, the panel basically mastered the Anhui poly win Internet Technology Co. company suspected of fraud crimes, organization structure, hidden dens. In August 16th 9, the ad hoc group mobilized more than 300 police officers, in the Luyang District of Mengcheng road and Fengtai Road intersection, Yaohai District victory road and Quan road three locations and unified inventory operations, in one fell swoop Xu Moumou, Wang Moumou, Moumou and other 223 members are easy to control. The trial, according to Xu Moumou, Wang Moumou, Yi Moumou account, in December 2015, they will be identified as an excuse to be recruited相关的主题文章: