"Help the public platform on-line – public – people.com.cn newspaper in Beijing in September 1,     (reporter Pan Yue) formally implemented in the" People’s Republic of China charity law "on the same day, by the China Siyuan foundation for poverty alleviation project sponsored Chinese search, China Social Assistance Research Institute organized the help public platform on the line today, vice president, CPPCC CDNCA central executive vice chairman Ma Peihua attended the event. It is understood that the "help public platform" as the first national public offering foundation for the whole society, leading China’s mobile applications (including web sites and mobile client APP), GIS (Geographic Information System) platform based interactive visualization, O2O mobile integrated donation and aid platform is composed of "think of the United Chinese project" search, China Social Assistance Research Institute and other units of the joint construction and development. "Help the public platform" in major natural disasters and emergencies, in addition to fund-raising, but also for the rescue teams, charitable organizations, the affected people to provide timely information docking, and on the basis of docking emergency rescue relief command system. "People’s Daily" (09 2016 02 August 09 Edition) (commissioning editor Shi Yaqiao and Jiang Qi)相关的主题文章: