Henan more than 16 million people benefited from more than 18 cubic meters of water diversion – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Zhengzhou, September 17 (reporter Fu Haosu) since the project of South-to-North Water Transfer project put into operation more than a year, the cumulative water over 5 billion cubic meters to the north, the social, economic and ecological benefits of ten significantly, more than 1600 people benefit only Henan province. According to the Henan provincial water diversion office responsible person, after the water to Henan will focus from construction management to operation management, efforts to expand the scope of supply and water engineering benefit. As of mid September, Henan province a total of 31 water gate and 3 sluice gate, a total of 1 billion 864 million cubic meters of water, accounting for nearly 40% of the total water supply of the middle route project. Water supply covers the city and Dengzhou city of Nanyang Province, Pingdingshan 10, Luohe, Xuchang, Zhengzhou, Jiaozuo, Xinxiang, Hebi, Puyang, Anyang jurisdiction, benefiting a population of more than 1600. Within the scope of water supply, Henan also increase the intensity of underground water pressure, along the 21 cities and counties to conserve groundwater, groundwater levels have been improved in varying degrees. Water quality protection work has been strengthened, and the water quality of Danjiangkou reservoir in Henan has remained stable in class.相关的主题文章: