Glassell Park: An Up And Coming Real Estate Market Posted By: Tracy King Glassell Park is a charming community sandwiched in the middle of Northeast Los Angeles between several other neighborhoods that have been developed through gentrification. These include the always-hot neighborhoods of Highland Park and Mt. Washington, both that have seen the values of homes skyrocket. Now, Glassell Park real estate is becoming more in demand. The Los Angeles River borders the west side of Glassell Park with Glendale, Eagle Rock, and Mount Washington surrounding the other edges. As these three cities continue to flourish and grow, their prosperity has begun to bleed through the borders of Glassell Park resulting in an increase of both price and home value. The rolling hills and breathtaking views of Downtown Los Angeles are just two perks that upper middle class families and young professionals are discovering about this neighborhood. Glassell Park is one of the largest areas of Northeast Los Angeles with a cornucopia of micro communities that vary from block to block. Many professionals and hipsters from Los Feliz and Silver Lake are yearning to settle here in lieu of the classic Craftsman style homes, the open space and the reasonable prices.

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Tracy King Is Flipping Homes In Highland Park A Good Investment? Posted By: Tracy King Flipping homes in Highland Park can be a highly rewarding home-selling experience, benefitting both buyer and seller, as long as it is done correctly. Is house flipping an efficient way to make a living? At the beginning of the new millennium the soaring housing market enabled people to buy a less-than-luxurious home at a cheap price, spend several weeks beautifying and making improvements and then putting it on the market to make a handsome profit. Run down homes in Highland Park Park in Northeast Los Angeles were purchased cheaply purchased by investors. Close by neighborhoods like Glassell Park, Eagle Rock and Mt. Washington also saw a huge spike in home flipping activity. Once purchased, these investing homebuyers could double or triple their money, since these same neighborhoods were in high demand buy buyers. However, in 2008 the market crashed and since then the economy has been trudging up the slippery slope of investing in house flipping in order to make the housing market prosperous again. In order for house flipping to be successful, there must be a heavy amount of momentum to push the process through quickly from the purchase to the re-sale.

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Tracy King A Look At Compton, Ca Real Estate Posted By: Tracy King Perfectly situated in the center of LA County, convenient to all of LA’s major freeways and with a range of affordable housing opportunities, homes for sale in Compton are always in demand. The City of Compton, located in South Los Angeles, is widely referred to as LA’s "hub city" due to the fact that it is located in the geographic center of Los Angeles County. A young community with an average age of 25, it is one of the oldest cities in Los Angeles. Public interest in Compton homes for sale has seen a sharp increase in recent years due to its range of affordable housing in 29 constituent neighborhoods. The median home sale price in Compton trends at approximately $280,000. Distressed properties usually account for around 15% of homes on the market. The median home size stays pretty consistent at 1,170 square feet with a median square foot cost of $246 per. A typical mortgage is $1,589. Compton is an extremely ethnically diverse and multicultural city with a population of just under 100,000. Many notable individuals in the arts (music and television) are or have been residents there.

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Tracy King A Look At Burbank, Ca Real Estate Posted By: Tracy King With its safe, serene and diverse neighborhoods and small town vibe, Burbank real estate offers something for just about everyone. If you are specifically seeking out homes for sale in Burbank, CA, odds are good that you, or someone in your family, works in the entertainment industry. So many of the city’s 100,000 people are in some way connected to the entertainment industry that Burbank has become known as the "Media Capital of the World". Located just northeast of Hollywood, the world’s "Movie Capital", Burbank is considered to be part of the San Fernando Valley, lying on its furthest east end. Warner Bros., Nickelodeon, Walt Disney and NBC are all headquartered – or have production studios – in Burbank. Because of this, Burbank enjoys a healthy and vibrant economy. Burbank real estate is always a hot commodity, offering residents a safe, quiet community of diverse neighborhoods for professionals and families, not far from the bustle of Los Angeles. Throughout the city, and particularly downtown, there are numerous opportunities for quality entertainment, dining, recreation and shopping. Burbank offers quality public and private schooling.

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