Hocking warned that we must be cautious reply signal Hocking funny answers about alien parallel world existence theory @ grapefruit wood subtitle group Hocking pointed out that Gliese 832C is the most near earth extrasolar habitable planets, it around the main star one week only 36 days, its atmosphere is very dense, the surface may exist in dense fog, possibility the planet livable life potential. Tencent space news according to the British Daily Mail reported that many people look forward to hear the radio signals from other planets, or will reveal the mystery of aliens, but the world famous physicist Stephen Hocking warned that we should be very careful to answer these alien signal. On the network for a period of 25 minutes of video, Hocking play the protagonist, he traveled to the light of 16 light-years away Gliese 832C, he pointed out that the planet may be intelligent life. However, if we really encounter higher extraterrestrial civilization, as the Native Americans encounter Columbo, the situation is not very good. This video titled "Stephen – Hocking’s favorite space", Hocking says, when I gaze into the night sky, I always imagine the vastness of the universe should exist an alien civilization is on earth, with my age, I am more confident that the earth was not the only intelligent life forms of the universe. The current global scientists searching for extraterrestrial intelligent life signal, the search is the millions of stars nearby, but I think there is a star most likely life. In the future, we may receive a signal from a planet similar to the Gliese 832C, but we should be careful to reply to the aliens. 25 minutes of video to the observer angle across the universe and space, in the video for Hocking’s visit to Sagittarius A supermassive black holes, then the Gliese 832C planet, he said, this is the most earth like extrasolar planets in the universe, are most likely to breed extraterrestrial form. In recent years, we have discovered thousands of planets outside our solar system. Some of them have been found in hot lava. Others are made up of solid diamonds that surround the dying stars. But the individual is very similar to the planet earth, we discovered a planet near earth, 16 light-years away is likely to have life conditions, Gliese 832C was a "super earth planet, quality is at least 5 times that of the earth. An international team of astronomers said that the Gliese 832C is located in the habitable zone of the star Gliese 832, with the star to maintain an appropriate distance, liquid water can exist on the surface of the planet. Hocking pointed out that the discovery of intelligent life forms will be the greatest discovery in the history of mankind, and will force the change of human beings, we must give up human beings is a unique view of the universe. However, there are other unknown factors in the planet Gliese 832C, for example, the unknown component of the planet’s atmosphere, which makes it very different from the earth, can not give birth to life forms. At the same time, the planet Gliese 832C has been around the planet for only 36 days a week, its atmosphere is very dense, super dense fog makes the surface of the planet "suffocation",相关的主题文章: