Hong Kong Fund for large net purchase of A shares and Hong Kong stocks valuation gap narrowed or China fund newspaper reporter Fang Li recently on the Hong Kong stock rally rainbow, causing widespread concern in the market, on Friday also hit a new high this year, the Hang Seng index broke the 24000 point mark. A number of funds have the foresight layout, it is reported that the recent track only the Hong Kong stock market funds continue to show net purchase funds "down" enthusiasm. And with the insurance funds can participate in the Shenzhen Hong Kong through good, many funds and other institutions continue to be optimistic about the Hongkong market investment opportunities. More than one fund for the net purchase of China fund newspaper reporter was informed that the recent large number of Hong Kong related funds received a net purchase. Our company’s active management of Hong Kong equity funds favored by the fund." According to the south a fund company sources said, and this seems to have become a large number of such funds recently normal". The reporter learned from the sales channels, more than just the deep Shanghai and Hong Kong Equity Fund Qianhai’s open source by funding concerns, the Qianhai Kaiyuan deep Shanghai and Hong Kong new opportunities, Qianhai Kaiyuan, Qianhai Shanghai and Hong Kong blue chips selected open source deep Shanghai and Hong Kong since August were leading in substantial net purchase. From another fund company also learned that the company’s current layout of the Hongkong market QDII fund to get a larger net purchase. In fact, this net purchase is probably from the beginning of the two quarter of this year, the purchase of each institution can bring the level of 50 million ~1 billion yuan, the number of shots is very frequent." The source said. There is a company who said that the company’s recently involved in Hong Kong fund has also been favored by some of the funds, the most recent month to get a product of 2 billion yuan net purchase, there are only hundreds of millions of net purchase. However, there are fund sources said that the recent purchase of Hongkong QDII products is not too large, only one million level. Wind information data show that in recent days, many Hong Kong stocks involved in ETF products in the past two days to get a small net purchase, such as the Hang Seng ETF, Hang Seng Tong, etc.. China fund newspaper reporter learned from informed sources, insurance and other large institutions may be the main source of funds for the recent large-scale purchase of Hong Kong stock fund, and this trend continues to purchase or will continue. But there are also said, relatively speaking, more forward-looking, to the layout of the first half should be early admission, after chasing the high innovation effect index is not obvious." In fact, the first half of the fund is indeed involved in Hong Kong QDII funds favored. As of June 30, 2016, investment in the Hongkong market is favored by the QDII fund, compared with the beginning of an increase of 56.6%, while the share of similar funds to invest in other markets abroad generally decline. Hong Kong stocks and A shares of poor valuations or narrowed in fact, the recent funding South momentum is fierce. Data show that from September the average daily net inflows through Hong Kong stocks through the Hongkong market funds of about 4 billion 500 million yuan. With all kinds of favorable policies, a number of market participants are optimistic about the prospects of Hong Kong stocks. "2016 Hong Kong Industries reporting the performance, information technology, healthcare, telecom business revenue still maintained a high growth in the number of units, domestic economic restructuring, industry fundamentals continued growth brings the increase of enterprise value is one of the investment strategy; at the same time, also.相关的主题文章: