The liaison office in Hongkong: an interpretation of treason as unalterable principles Beijing – to no end of trouble for the future for the NPC Standing Committee on the 104th Hongkong basic law explanation, some people in Hongkong put forward to active NPC interpretation, the interpretation of the law would hurt Hongkong’s "judicial independence" wait and see method. Pointed out that the Central People’s Government Liaison Office in Hongkong Zhang Xiaoming 12 evening speech at a public event, awareness of the problem, there is a need to get out of the inertia of thinking or discourse trap: the National People’s Congress in accordance with the basic law have the right to exercise the power of interpretation of the law; Hong Kong independence activists are arrogant to challenge the "one country two systems" the bottom line, the central does not matter; "judicial independence" cannot trump the power vested with the central government. He stressed that all parties to truly respect the highest legal status in the legal system is the basic law in Hongkong, the important part of itself as Hongkong legal system of the relevant provisions of the basic law, the basic law of the real maintenance and maintenance of the rule of law in Hongkong unified instead of confrontation to really adapt to consistent with the "one country two systems" requirements of the new constitutional system. The real according to law. Contrary to the oath oath cannot deny Zhang Xiaoming program profane pointed out that the direct cause of the interpretation of the law, is part of the Hongkong Legislative Council members elect in the solemn oath taking ceremony, to the language, behavior, costumes, props and other ways to publicly declare Hong Kong independence advocates, even swearing insulting the country and the nation. "Unless they are all as an idiot, otherwise, they violate the procedures oath, profane content oath cannot be denied." The interpretation of the law of treason he pointed out that no end of trouble for the future as unalterable principles at the National People’s Congress, timely interpretation is required in accordance with the law, otherwise it is not, is as unalterable principles, condone treason, no end of trouble for the future. In the interpretation of Hongkong after the introduction of the main public opinion and mainstream public opinion is the endorsement and support of the general public on the issue in major issues issues of right and wrong is never vague, but some people worry that this will not judge a lack of respect, will not affect the "judicial independence", "in fact, understanding of the problem also needs reform get out of the inertia of thinking or discourse trap." Zhang Xiaoming pointed out that the interpretation of the NPC active power, the provisions of article 158th of the Hongkong basic law is very clear, the CFA in 1999 on the "Liu Gangrong case" judgment has also made it clear the power of interpretation of the NPC Standing Committee is "universal and unrestricted", "not because of National People’s Congress of the basic law of decomposition release the right to grant special court, and think that the court has the power to turn restrictions and the exercise of the powers of authorized person." Endanger national security, the central can sit? Some people questioned whether the National People’s Congress should be released at this time, Zhang Xiaoming believes that there are two implications: first, the NPC Standing Committee or the central government should not be in charge? Two cases in the court has heard the case, the timing of the interpretation of the law is appropriate?" On the first question, he pointed out, "" Hong Kong Independence "elements has openly advocating" Hong Kong Independence "by the oath, the assurance to challenge the" one country two systems "bottom line, endanger national security, can not sit idly by central)相关的主题文章: