Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Out of the five best selling eBook readers out there, one of the top one is the Sony Digital Reader Touch Edition. Coming in a sleek black color, this product has a six inch display, a perfect size for reading any kind of book, whether it be a great bestseller, a book for biology class, or the current events section of the newspaper. The touch screen navigation offered by the Sony Digital Reader allows for easy ways to turn the pages and get interactive with the books, by being able to click links and other kinds of things that make your reading experience even more enriched and enjoyable. The Sony Digital Reader can hold about 350 books, allowing you to use it as a sort of collection that can be built upon with time. This is no ordinary shelf of books, as it carries so many kinds of content, as it includes a memory stick PRO and SD media capabilities. This product is wonderfully helpful, too, as it contains the entire Oxford American Dictionary, making it a great reference material, as well. A variation of this, and another amazing bestseller, is the Sony Digital Reader Pocket Edition, only five inches in height but able to hold up to 350 books, as well. You can read things with ease as the screen and lighting offer you the same kind of quality that you would get if reading something in real life. Another hot eBook digital reader is the Barnes and Noble Nook eBook reader. This product is rapidly becoming one of the most trusted and cherished devices, as it is made from one of the leading bookstores in the nation. Including an amazing full color touch screen, this device allows you to get interactive with anything that you choose to display. The books that it holds will show vividly on the E Ink display, and with the soft lighting, it will be just as clear and well lit as if you were reading an actual book in your hand. The Nook offers a sixteen level gray scale that will allow you to read your content easily no matter where you are and you will not have to worry about experiencing a glare or any kind of residual light. Similarly, the Nook offers font selections and sizes so you can customize your reading experience and make it the best for yourself. Another bestseller is the Augen 7 inch E-Reader, which can hold more than 1400 books and includes a word processor that you can take with you. Equipped with a fancy keyboard, you can type up documents or make notes on the go and with immense ease. Also, this device sports an MP3 and video player, for additional enjoyment. Listen to music while reading or view some videos that correspond with the content on the full color screens. One of the most popular eBook readers out there is the Amazon Kindle, which offers immediate access to books, the ability to store u to 3,500 books at a time, and easy lighting and accessible fonts that give you a truly amazing reading experience. Equipped with free 3G Wireless and built in Wi-Fi, this will transform your reading experience in a truly broadening way. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: