Health Panic attacks can be triggered by the thought of just being afraid of having one. What’s .monly experienced while in a state of panic can be similar symptoms as what’s thought to be a heart attack which often creates a state of panic and worry. Fortunately if you have anxiety disorder or are one who has panic attacks often there are a range of treatment options for how to get rid of panic attacks. And, here are some that are worth trying. Get to the Root of Your Fear(s) When it .es to anxiety disorders it can be a range of fears which result in panic attacks. So, getting a better understanding of just what frightens you should be step no. one for how to get rid of panic attacks. Say, for instance, that the thought of public speaking sends you into a panic. Then, if that’s the case you need to ask yourself: why does the idea of speaking in front of others cause you to feel so upset?. Is there really alot to lose if your audience isn’t happy with your talk? Accept Your Feelings and Turn Positive Once you know what your fear is, and possibly where the fear .es from, you can learn to accept it for what it is. (I.e. you simply dont like public speaking because youre afraid of being judged by others). Questioning what is the worst that can happen of that which you fear you’ll find that your worst fears are often only imagined and will not really happen. Remember this each time you begin feeling anxious as it can be quite .forting to know. Repeating to yourself "I won’t let [your fear] occur" this can often provide yourself with enough confidence to get past this. Say to yourself that you’ve encountered more menacing challenges in the past. See a Professional Perhaps to prevent this condition from worse obtaining the aid of a professional can aid in how to get rid of panic attacks. Seeing a psychoanalyst which is a doctor that specializes in one on one therapy to help you gain more clarity and insight. Participating in an anxiety disorder support group may also be another good option to try. How to get rid of panic attacks can involve just gaining insight by speaking about your problems with someone that isn’t experiencing them and getting their insights. Anti-Anxiety Medication There are many different anxiety medications available by prescription to help prevent panic attacks. When you ask someone how to get rid of panic attacks, they are likely to respond with the .mon phrase: There is medication for that.. But you try out an anti-anxiety medication, you’ve got to ask yourself whether you believe that you really need it. If you suffer from chronic panic attacks that happen with or without provocation, then you may be a good candidate for medication. Other more natural options to try first can be – lifestyle changes, stress management and therapy. The side effects obtained by using anti-anxiety meds can be off putting and this is one of the reasons medication should really be used as a last resort unless it is really required. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: