White shoes through the yellow how to do the most effective solution in the lead: after a flashy style of baptism, fashion seems to minimalist era, the various classes in the clothing, with white, black, and some plain hit. At the same time, the cold shoulder is the "white shoes". But for now the full street of the "small white shoes" you are not tired of watching it? (content source: Esquire) not only that "peak white shoe" is a pair of shoes is hard, green tail of the fire is said to have thousands of, this kind of imagination I become "to follow the trend of excessive" brand is the use of the network and the red star effect plus hunger marketing, let it become to selling goods. In fact, I was a white shoe shoe control, home almost 30-40 shoes, but I don’t have a pair of white shoes, the boys from objective point of view I summed up 3 reasons: 1 do not buy. Not resistant to dirty: white shoes, it is inevitable that more and more yellow! How can I accept this Virgo?. Not resistant to dirt 2. Suddenly: this word how to say, in fact, I mean here is not only low white shoes, even for high count, far look like a foot fracture, a plaster. Suddenly 3. Show big feet: white in the angle of view than the general color to be expanded, so wear white shoes face become "bigfoot". Big feet in fact, "small white shoes" is not necessarily a representative of the simple wind, so how can we wear cheap and B grid? Today, the key person specially arranged 3 pairs of classic, good-looking, cheap black shoes, a little less than white shoes! 1. Vans Old Old Skool is the first pair of shoes in the design of the body to join the skateboard shoes leather material Skool. Together with Old Skool become the classic is the side of the shoe named Sidestripe bar. Today, Sidestripe has been born for nearly 40 years, with the classic side of the bar is also known as the hot selling models, has become a unique brand identity Vans brand. Vans Old Skool, SKATE BOARDING (previously introduced skateboarding) in California during the pandemic, VANS has become an indispensable member of the time of the! Beginning in 80s, [FAST TIME RIDGEMONT HIGH] movie, JEFF SPICLI wore a black and white plaid VANS shoes, and detonated a pandemic in the United States, AT! JEFF SPICLI wore black and white plaid VANS shoes as GD, Tyler, The, Creator and other celebrities, in many Vans shoes, most fire shoes should be Old Skool, many not previously tried Vans, recently because these celebrities and start with the first pair of shoes is it! GD 2. Converse The Taylor Star Converse The Chuc Chuck All meter II相关的主题文章: