Home-Securtiy Auto theft happens all of the time, everywhere in the world. However, there are vehicles that are more of a target to auto thieves than others. You can take several measures to protect your vehicle from getting stolen and it does not take much effort or money. Just like your home, your car could be an easy invitation for theft of various types. Thieves do not normally just randomly walk up to a car and steal it. The smart ones search for the easiest vehicle to steal so they will have less chance of getting caught. In this sense, they work in much the same way as home thieves. You can take several simple steps to make your vehicle safer and hopefully make a thief pass your car (and unfortunately for the other person’s vehicle) move on to another more accessible or valuable vehicle. Take These Steps to Avoid Be.ing a Victim of Auto Theft – Lock Up: Make it a habit to lock your doors before you leave your vehicle for any reason, even if you are just running in a store for a minute. It only takes a minute for someone to steal your car. And never, ever leave your keys in the ignition. Anyone could look into your car’s window, see the keys dangling, and drive away with a new car. Remove or Hide Valuables: Some auto thieves are not actually looking to steal your car, but the items you have in your car. Remove or hide the following various items (preferably remove): MP3 players, expensive car stereos, cell phones, sunglasses, radar detectors, money, credit cards, checkbooks, cigarettes, etc. Some of these may sound like .mon sense to not leave out in the open in your vehicle, but they do need to be mentioned. Keep it Simple: Do not add fancy accessories to your vehicle. This will draw attention from fellow auto lovers, and auto thieves alike. Things such as fancy paint jobs, spoilers, expensive rims, body kits, and more can easily attract an auto thief. If you own a show vehicle keep it in storage when not in use. Various Security Systems You Can Install – An auto thief, one skilled enough anyway, can usually get through nearly any type of security device. However, some security systems can thwart auto thieves and scare them away. A simple alarm system can help by creating a loud sound when someone plays with the lock or even touches the vehicle too much. However, someone could act as if it is their vehicle and still get in if you do not notice in time to call for the police. Fortunately, there are a variety of auto security systems to choose from. Here are a few: Door Security Sensors – A door security sensor is a simple way to thwart thieves by sounding an alarm if the door, hood or trunk of your vehicle is opened. Shock Security Sensors – A shock security sensor will sound an alarm if your vehicle is moved in any way such as shaking it. Window Security Sensors – This one sounds an alarm if your window is broken. Pressure Security Sensors – Pressure security sensors are set in motion when the air pressure inside the car is changed such as happens when a window or door is broken or opened. Tilt Security Sensors – Tilt security sensors will help you not get your vehicle towed. If someone tries to get your vehicle on to a tow truck (or another way of tilting) an alarm will sound. If you really need or want to keep your vehicle safe from auto theft you can use all of the steps above as well as all of the security systems outlined above. You can make certain choices with your vehicle that can easily prevent auto theft. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: