HTC Wang Congqing: VR no winter equipment updates follow Moore’s law – Sohu technology Sohu was established in the virtual reality technology of the Ding Ding Industrial Alliance founded on congress, HTC VIVE Chinese District President Wang Congqing of Sohu said, despite the view that many industries suffered the cold of winter, but it just meets the traditional industries, the Internet and mobile Internet the current VR industry phenomenon, and artificial intelligence and other industries, venture financing opportunities still very large. These industries not only did not encounter the cold winter, the opposite has just ushered in the development of spring. At the same time, Wang Congqing of Sohu technology revealed that from the industrial chain of the news that, VR equipment renewal speed is rapid increase, according to the current technology development situation, the update speed of VR device is almost at the follow Moore’s law rules. The alliance of virtual reality industry is in the Ministry of industry and electronic information division under the guidance of Chinese, CO sponsored by the Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics virtual reality technology and State Key Laboratory of Goertek, GoerTek shares, HTC HTC electric and other well-known enterprises and research institutions, industrial park. According to official information, the industry alliance currently has nearly 180 enterprises and institutions to join, including GoerTek shares, HTC, Kawashio Zhisheng, HUAWEI, Alibaba, Jingdong, NetEase, CCTV, Youku, light media, LETV, Riyadh, Netdragon, Jingdong, northern Austria Reid, eshang exhibition, Iqiyi, Changhong, and Pico cool open, TCL, Samsung, Nvidia, Hass semiconductor, Nokia, AMD, Unity, Ubisoft, ARM, Intel and other enterprises and institutions application. VR field more than the broader application of the entertainment industry when it comes to the application of VR, Wang Congqing Sohu technology, said the industry generally believe that VR is currently the most important application areas in terms of entertainment. Because many companies are now focusing on the application of VR VR video content and games above. But the application of VR is more than just entertainment, industry applications far beyond entertainment. Similar to Wang Congqing’s point of view, the Ministry also believes that the combination of VR with other industries, is the focus of development after. It is said that almost all industries are looking for a combination with VR, whether it is real estate, education, health care and other fields, there have been many companies to provide solutions to the various vertical industries. According to Wang Congqing, HTC partners, now has been involved in many different industries, at the same time, from various industry giants in almost every day on the VR and HTC consulting industry application problems. According to a survey conducted by the HTC VIVE for the VR development team, there are currently nearly 60% of the game is to do the development, the number of developers and companies to do with the current development of 3D or most of the game. But the surprising thing is that there are 42.9% of the development team is doing industry applications. This shows that now the VR products not only in consumer use, in addition to family scenarios, VR products will be in the company, school, hospital and other industries.相关的主题文章: