HTC will push the upgraded version of A9 but it may not be sold in the domestic Tencent digital news (blue) had heard of HTC Desire 10 series will be released on September 20th news, but now it seems to be confirmed. The day before the official release of the new HTC machine warm-up video on twitter, the propaganda theme is " be edgier" HTC Desire, is expected to be officially released the new 10 series machine, and the HTC Desire 10 Pro will have the country line version of the launch, but HTC Desire and HTC One A9s 10 Lifestyle is reported not landing the domestic market. This new machine released in September 20th before the end of the HTC will release two new machine in September, 10 were HTC Desire Pro and HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle, and the official renderings have surfaced on the web. At the same time, there are users according to the date on the rendering map, speculated that these two new machines or will debut in September 20th. And now, it seems that such speculation has been confirmed. HTC official has released a new machine on the preheat video, said it will release the new model in September 20th, although no specific model, but no accident, it should be HTC Desire 10 series. From past exposure renderings, 10 series of new machine HTC Desire a simple continuation of other HTC One positive A9, and cancel the multi jaw design, but in the back of the design is more recognition, with similar iPhone 6S giant camera model, and two LED flash by integrating laser focusing module. Look full of personality. In addition, these two new machines also uses a post fingerprint identification design, and the back of the three paragraph style means that the series uses a metal body. Before and after the double anti shake for HTC Desire 10 series of mobile phone specifications, allegedly two new machines will be equipped with 5 million pixel front camera, and rumors have OIS optical anti shake function; while the main camera is 13 million pixels, support for laser focusing and optical image stabilization technology, with Boomsound Hi-Fi stereo speakers, also comes with high-quality earphone etc.. At the same time, two new machines will be equipped with 5.5 inches touch screen, and HTC Desire Lifestyle is only supported by the specification of the 720p, as HTC Desire 10 Pro there is no exact message. The HTC Desire10 series will also provide 2GB RAM+16GB ROM storage combination and 3GB RAM+32GB ROM, the processor will be Qualcomm snapdragon 4XX processor, but it is unknown to the specific model. It is worth mentioning that, according to the @upleaks who broke the news on micro-blog’s statement, HTC Desire 10 series will have "domestic rice noodles" such a long time, is expected to have!相关的主题文章: