HuJiao shallow callback does not change the medium-term rise hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client – Xing Shi Hai futures superimposition relationship between supply and demand HuJiao bullish factors, although the short-term technical correction, but the medium-term gains will to continue. First of all, August 26th, Guangken Rubber Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Thailand Taihua gum company, equity after the completion of the delivery, Guangken rubber to hold about 60% of the shares holding the world’s third largest natural rubber production enterprises Thailand Taihua gum company, a total equity investment of 1 billion 800 million yuan. Holding Thailand, Guangken rubber annual processing capacity will reach 1 million 500 thousand tons, planting area of 2 million mu, become the world’s largest natural rubber industry chain enterprises, can control the total amount of nearly 2 million tons of natural rubber, the world’s total output of about 15, shipped back to the way back through the resource products in domestic market, can increase the supply capacity of natural rubber industry of our country, the right of discourse also enhanced, it constitutes a strong positive effect on hujiao. Secondly, the world’s seventh largest shipping company, South Korea’s largest shipping company Hanjin economic and legal difficulties that the $14 billion of goods stranded at sea, the owners have managed to get goods for delivery to the customer. Since the company filed for bankruptcy protection in South Korea last week, the company shipped more than 500 thousand containers of dozens of cargo ship is rejected in the world ports, 43 cargo ships en route to the intended destination, no cargo will be allowed to discharge the guarantee. Another 39 ships in the port outer circle or anchor, 8 ships were seized by creditors. The market believes that Hanjin Shipping filed for bankruptcy, will hinder the role can not be expected to rubber supply and transportation, resulting in unexpected areas supply reduction, pushing up the price of rubber. Again, in August 25th the international three party rubber Council official said, 9-12 months in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the three countries will continue to cut exports, the total reduction of 85 thousand tons. China is expected to 3 of total exports will be reduced by nearly 700 thousand tons, which is expected to yield 2 million 950 thousand tons in Indonesia in 2016, affected by the La Nina phenomenon decline; exports is expected to be 2 million 450 thousand tons, down 6% compared to 2 million 600 thousand tons in 2015. Rubber producing countries to control and reduce resource exports, is always one of the important factors to boost the price of rubber, and will play an important role. Also, inventory, Qingdao Free Trade Zone stocks imported glue in September 14th more than 10.35 tons, in August 31st more than 11.69 tons reduced more than 1.34 tons, than in February 16th more than 27.81 tons of sharply reduced more than 17.46 tons, of which natural rubber stocks in September 14th were more than 6.51 tons, than in August 31st more than 7.57 tons reduced more than 1.06 tons. In February 16th more than 23.42 tons of substantially reduced more than 16.91 tons. The domestic import rubber stocks sharply reduced, imported rubber consumption by relatively weak stabilized, the relationship between supply and demand of glue have a strong bullish boost. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: