Husband and wife calligraphy fans! The old couple competing calligraphy approach seventy years of age (Figure) – Beijing – the couple together every night to practice calligraphy. The figure / reporter Nan Kaiyu in Jingxing County, there is a love of calligraphy for the old couple, husband Lee Juke at the age of 69, his wife Huo Lianqing 65 years old. Two years of perseverance to learn calligraphy practice, to achieve the degree of obsession, calligraphy to bring more fun to their later life, the couple was praised as a couple of calligraphy fans". Li Juke childhood love to write, but because the family is poor, can not afford to buy paper and pen, in this regard, there is little progress. After the graduation, he saw a young commando production Village, carried on "commandos" three traditional Chinese characters was not studied by writing. He thought, not a literate people can write such a good word, I can’t drink this "ink" people can’t write good calligraphy? Since then, he has a strong interest in calligraphy. After work, he became a calligraphy amateur life for a hobby, a free moving write. After retirement, he has plenty of time, but also the calligraphy as an important part of everyday life. Wife Huo Lianqing is a strong woman. Previously, her husband and others to write calligraphy, envy, but that their low level of education, not to take up the pen. In 2003, fifty years she finally plucked up the courage to the County Bureau of retired cadres took part in the old calligraphy training class. At that time she was on, and what part of EC scriptregular script, cursive, seal, etc. in order to be utterly ignorant of inscriptions, calligraphy, she has spent 5000 yuan to buy a full set of "calligraphy sea", "Liu Gongquan", "Liu Gongquan’s mysterious monument monument" calligraphy Shence army books and all kinds of brush, paper. Since 2011, she participated in the county veteran Bureau held the 3 prize winning painting and calligraphy exhibition, and now has become the county veteran calligraphy and painting research association. At the same time, Huo Lianqing also practiced hard pen calligraphy. Every day after dinner, she sat down and began to write, even at night. Hard work pays off, now she writes the italics strokes clear, solid structure, shape correct, well-balanced, elegant appearance, many people, can not help but thumbs up praise: "like the same copybook". The couple have a common hobby, there is a more common language, learn skills together to practice calligraphy, every night, the other which is well written, which word defects are to make evaluation, to achieve the common improvement. Sometimes two people competing, but other than their own, secretly carry out the calligraphy competition, see who progress faster. The twelfth lunar month every year, many people find they write couplets, they will write couplets as a good opportunity to test the level of calligraphy, not only takes time, and pasted red paper, every year to the mall staff and friends to write the spring contact for three hundred or four hundred pair, by all the praise. When it comes to learning the harvest of calligraphy, Huo Lianqing said: through more than ten years of perseverance to learn to practice, not to say that the brain is better than in the past." Whenever I hear people boast their own words to write well, the two proud, at the same time, said that the future will continue to work hard.相关的主题文章: