Small s publicly acknowledged cosmetic, such as long after the operation (Figure) s photos according to Taiwan media "cloud" news reports, the artist s (Xu Xidi) said on 8, he was suffering from the septal deviation, as long as 10 years, even the doctors are using the "nose collapse" to describe the severity of the day before finally moving, minimally invasive surgery of the nose, do not leave scars, return after anesthesia is not pain, let her happy exclaimed: "my nose is!" S (map) s with septal deviation, already 10 years have left nostril obstruction sleep problems, can only rely on mouth breathing, but so let the throat become dry, the middle of the night had been up for 6 days to drink, she accepted the medical treatment of minimally invasive surgery of Chang, nose, took only 1 hours to complete only 5cc, and the flow nosebleed and mucus, and let her skill. Although the crooked nose was self deprecating and collapse, but the fans think s if not did not see it, she said at the time of surgery was general anesthesia, but the pain index after wake up only 2, recovery in good condition; the septal deviation of nasal septum bone growth process is mutual extrusion and bending growth, or is caused by trauma, fracture or dislocation other reasons, but the doctor said that most people have the septal deviation phenomenon, just slightly, does not affect the daily life. The news he moved to the mainland 40 times higher reward… Poor reputation is not small annual income broken billion source: Phoenix gossip WeChat public number: September 1, 2016 said, "for the first time by the network variety show hosted by sister s independent" hungry has been launched for more than a month. Although this show is hard to admit, at the expense of the image, to win the attention of domestic violence. But the audience for the new program s or not how cold, most evaluation is still too hard". The audience said won’t have one small chair anti choking back she left Kevin Tsai, said his "embarrassment" is the highest level of humor, before these sister (WeChat public number: entifengvip) have written ~ ratings is the best answer, from the beginning of the program to a new stage, hits gradually in addition to decline, Huang Bo as guests of the first period with hits over 50 million, each of the program hits other in 30 million around, significantly decreasing trend. Is this state today, Xiaomei (WeChat public number: entifengvip) the past year saw Taiwan host the annual income rankings, actually won the small suction gold queen ~ the top Oh?! What about? And my sister is not (WeChat public number: entifengvip). This result is surprising but there are numbers ~ as sure as a gun, although "Kangxi" did not, but on the mainland s programs and advertising still Caiyuanguangjin. It is said that the new program "sister" in a hungry for NT $4 million 800 thousand, before she is "40 times" Kangxi presided over the 1 sets of NT $120 thousand yuan, in addition to her in the mainland and Taiwan a total of 7 ad, alone in a show, hosted some endorsements, there is NT $108 million 400 thousand into the pocket, plus some other activities of income.相关的主题文章: