Never thought of the world’s first automatic driving car is his invention of the automobile Sohu filed by Leonardo · Piero di · · · Finch (formerly known as Leonardo Di ser Piero Italian: Da Vinci, April 15, 1452 – May 2, 1519, at 67 years old), most people think of the first time Monalisa’s smile. What few people know is that at that time, Da Vinci rarely claimed to be a painter, but most of the time he introduced himself as engineer, Da Vinci. A self portrait of Da Vinci Da Vinci when he was alive but engineer is obviously not as good as the artist identity by identity, people later found countless times in his invention beyond design manuscripts, including this car 500 years ago the automatic driving car. Da Vinci’s manuscript in the design of automatic driving the car is designed as props on the stage, the vehicle through the gear transmission, the kinetic energy can be stored in the elastic parts, after the release of automatic driving. Although the invention of the gear at the time of Michelangelo has been widely used, but 500 years ago, there can be such a smart design from the front of the car, the name of the genius of the visible is not empty, Da Vinci. Spiral wing Da Vinci’s mechanical ability not only on the land, he also carried out a variety of exploration of flight equipment, and then designed a spiral wing – that is, the prototype of modern helicopters. The tanks even found the prototype of the modern tank in Da Vinci’s manuscript, which covered the personnel and weapons with armor. Watt invented the steam engine here to mention is that Da Vinci these genius ideas have appeared 500 years ago, until after more than 200 years in 1776, before the invention of the steam engine. Another 100 years — in 1860, the French Lenuwacai imitation of the steam engine structure, design and manufacture of the first practical gas machine, is the prototype of the modern internal combustion engine. Carle · Benz invented the "Benz 1" in 1886, the German engineer Carle · Benz invented one Benz registered patents, to become the world’s first car. As for why it wasn’t the first car in the car, including Da Vinci and so on The main reason is one Benz is equipped with a gasoline engine on the most widely used as power. Daimler invented the Daimler one, we all know that Mercedes Benz is a tricycle, then the world’s first four wheeled car who invented it? Daimler, who designed and built the world’s first four wheeler in 1896. Oh, yes, Daimler in 1883 successfully produced the first vertical gasoline engine, Mercedes Benz power technology is coming from this. Daimler Benz friendship on the origin of this, which is also a lot of friends will ask, Daimler Limited by Share Ltd, including Mercedes Benz and other car brands. Henry Ford and T cars are talking about so many cars相关的主题文章: