You want to cook less oil these unique skills, you certainly need many Chinese families are "oil eating big", we also increasingly know that too much oil and obesity, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and other closely related. In fact, some small changes in cooking can help you reduce oil. Pay attention to collocation less oil not only the pursuit of a meal a dish less oil, but the entire table should be oil control. For example, a meal has been stewed pork meat, Braised pork in brown sauce, the best dishes have a shot of cucumber or mixed with kelp. If there has been a hot oil through the next section of the meat, the best steamed fish dish is hot, can choose light vegetable salad. In short, attention should be paid to fish and vegetables on the ingredients, cooking, braised, fried and other large oil and cooking methods such as less oil. Use the seasoning vegetable dish fish and meat than meat dishes, all kinds of beans, vegetables and other oil content itself is relatively low, but some people in order to make delicious vegetable dish, a large quantity of oil, which was to eat no two. Recommend less oil in cooking vegetable dish, chicken soup, oyster sauce, can use rich, delicious seasoning seasonings, such as pickled tofu, stir fried lettuce with oyster sauce. Suction rape first steamed or dry food is very oil fried eggplant, in order to avoid eating too much oil, can be done in eggplant before steamed or fried eggplant; in the first, do not put oil, with small fire fried eggplant, etc. in the water was fired, eggplant meat is soft. Then, the oil burning system. The meat is first pickled later fried cooking oil to make food more fragrant, in fact, we can achieve the effect of advance by Titian, tasty pickled food. For example, the first meat onions, ginger, garlic and other pickled, so that even when cooking a little oil will be very fragrant. In addition, steamed stew meat, mushrooms, letinous edodes put fresh fish before put cumin, fennel, pepper powder, even less put half the oil, taste the same smell of incense. Blanch oil instead of by many people in order to make the meat tender, will give the meat a cooking oil, etc. added over oil, so do the food is oily, greasy. In fact, we can put the oil into the water, with the temperature of boiling water to quickly cooked, then add vegetables and stir fry. Because the meat itself is rich in fat, as long as the heating quickly, the taste is very good. Also, boiled water ingredients surface has a layer of water, cut off the oil infiltration, fresh food will be many. Pork and stir fried pork, beef etc. for the higher fat content of meat, can put the meat in the pot, then stir fry two or three minutes, the meat in the oil analysis, then add other ingredients and stir fry. This is similar to the traditional lard, which is not only oily, but also greasy. Dish before the first oil control, stir fried dishes first do not rush out of the pan, the pot tilted two or three minutes, let the oil flow out of the dish, and then loading plate. Green peppers, beans, water chestnuts, lettuce and vegetables like oil less, this method can effectively avoid the food soaked in oil, let us in the imperceptibly intake of too much oil. * (, life times)

想要做菜少放油 这些绝招你肯定需要  很多中国家庭都是“吃油大户”,大家也日渐知道油太多与肥胖、高血压、高血脂等密切相关。其实,烹调上的一些小改变便能帮你减油。  搭配有讲究  少油不是只追求一餐中一个菜少油,而是整桌菜都应该控油。比如,一餐中已经有了炖排骨、红烧肉等荤菜,那配菜最好有一盘拍黄瓜或拌海带丝。如果热菜已经有一道过油的溜肉段,那下一个热菜最好是清蒸鱼,凉菜则可以选择清淡的凉拌时蔬。总之,要注意食材上鱼肉类与青菜类搭配,烹饪上红烧煎炸等油大的方式和蒸煮等油少的方式搭配。  素菜用好佐料  相比鱼、肉荤菜,各种豆制品、青菜等本身油脂含量较低,但有些人为了让素菜好吃,放大量油,这简直跟吃荤菜没两样。建议在烹调素菜时少用油,可借用鸡汤、蚝油等比较浓郁、鲜美的佐料调味,比如腐乳炒空心菜、蚝油扒生菜等。  吸油菜先蒸或干炒  茄子等非常吸油的菜,为了避免“吃”油过多,可以在做烧茄子前先蒸一下;或在炒茄子时,先不放油,用小火干炒一下,等茄子中的水分被炒掉,茄肉变软后,再用油烧制。  肉类先腌会儿再炒  炒菜放油是为了让菜肴更香,实际上,我们可以通过提前腌制食材达到提香、入味的效果。比如,先把肉用葱、姜、蒜等腌制,这样炒菜时即使放很少油也会很香。另外,蒸炖肉类时,放点香菇、蘑菇增鲜,烤鱼前放点孜然、小茴香、花椒粉等,即便少放一半油,味道一样扑鼻香。  用焯水代替过油  不少人为了让肉质滑嫩,会先给肉过个油,等炒菜时又加了一遍油,这样做出的菜油腻、多脂。其实,我们可以把过油改成焯水,用沸水的温度把材料快速烫熟,然后再加入青菜炒一下即可。因为肉类本身富含脂肪,只要加热迅速,口感就很好。而且,焯水后食材表面有一层水,隔绝了油的渗入,菜也会清爽很多。  五花肉先煸炒  对于五花肉、肥牛等油脂含量较高的肉类,可以把肉下锅后,先煸炒两三分钟,使肉里的油充分析出,再加入其他食材进行翻炒。这种做法与传统的炼猪油类似,这样既省油,菜又不油腻。  装盘前先控油  炒好的菜先不要急于出锅装盘,把锅斜放两三分钟,让菜里的油流出来再装盘。青椒、豆角、荸荠、莴笋之类的蔬菜吸油较少,用这种方法能有效避免食物浸泡在油中,让我们在不知不觉摄入很多油脂。▲(人民网�生命时报)相关的主题文章: