UnCategorized As most folks who have been around awhile will agree that to get anywhere you have to have a plan. You just can’t accomplish anything other than dumb luck without a plan. That is no different in the area of home security. Home security is a growing problem for millions of homeowners. With high unemployment and rising crime rates, home are considered easy pickins for petty thieves. So here’s a new plan to improve your home security. Start with "four safety reports: How To Childproof Your Home; How To Prevent and Handle Burglaries; How To Protect Your Home and Family From A Home Invasion; Neighborhood Watch Program." Every plan starts with knowledge. These reports will provide some good info that will last forever. Then throw in some magnetic door alarms and glass breakage alarms to protect against unlawful entry. 60 % of all burglaries happen thru unlocked doors and windows. Get a burglar/personal alarm like the UFO alarm that can do many things. Add in two door mounted pepper sprays on for the front and back door and for good measure an extra 4 oz pepper spray to have around the house (in a safe location) in case of a home invasion. An extra level of security would be a motion detector hidden camera that records to an 8 GB SD Card when motion is detected. Finally an auto dialer that uses a PIR system to protect an area and dials up to 5 preset numbers if the area is compromised after sounding a 105 DB alarm. This plan will protect the inside of your house and help prevent entry. On the outside use common sense and lock all doors and windows, use your peephole to see who is at your front door, and start or join a local "neighborhood watch". They are free and work. Other suggestions include making sure your home is free of hiding places and using signage to warn of guard dogs even if you don’t have one. An NRA poster or sign sends another strong message. This new package of safety products for your home will not only improve your home security but provide safety tips and products to help you in a home invasion. Be proactive and start defending your home and family the smart way. So what are you waiting for? Get going and get a plan to improve your home safety and security today. When are you getting one? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: