The rate of robot crime in 2040 or beyond the latest research shows that human experts, in 2040 the crime rate will be far greater than the human robot, allegedly, in 2015 the European cybercrime cases accounted for 53% of criminal cases, and is still in an upward trend in 2016. The history of the most useless robot inventor brain hole beyond the limits of human Tencent science news according to the British Daily Mail reported, "Robocop", "super check sent", "terminator" and "I robot" and other science fiction movies, showing the future of human and robot the subtle relationship between life of human advanced robot brings change, but at the same time to human robot strong fear. At present, a new study by scientists warned that in 2040 the crime rate will be far greater than the human robot. The future research laboratory of Tracey – Follow (Tracey Follows) pointed out that more and more robots will replace human work, the Futurist predicted independent crime of terrorist attacks will rise sharply, once the robot was illegally used as molecular bomb weapon robot Dutch act, ability of independent crime will be worrying. Tracy said, artificial intelligence and machine learning ability, will enable the robot with self programming ability of criminal activities. We predict that in 2040 the robot crime rate will be far greater than the human. The robot crisis is not just a matter of concern to robot experts, the future of unmanned vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles, if they are controlled by illegal molecules or re programming, they will be a major security risk. It is said that in 2015 the European cybercrime accounted for 53% of all criminal cases, and in 2016 the network crime rate is still rising. (long compile)相关的主题文章: